10 February 2011

Maureen Footer on Lavender

"Lavender is ethereal,even spiritual, when used with a controlled,delicate touch, with white, grey and a little black-lacquer perhaps- for structure. Very Colette! It is cloying in nearly any other context, most of which are pretty cliché for lavender rooms:  prints, lace, stuffed animals (shudder!)"

"I once saw a very spare, minimal apartment with all walls painted lavender.  It was airy, detached, collected, perhaps even more so than if it had white walls."       ~ Maureen Footer

 La Marchesa Luisa Casati 1908
Giovanni Boldini

Maureen Footer is an interior designer in New York. 
Maureen Footer Design here here





    And I enjoyed Maureen's quotes.

  2. I adore lavender. I reminds me of my childhood and some good times..

  3. I love your blog! Its so inspiring I was digging for some pictures by Kees Van Dongen and I came across your Poiret post! I am writing my dissertation on similar topics I will be following you now!


  4. Now there is sparkle! There is enthusiasm!

    There is joy!


    I want to meet this person!!

    Please fend off that last group!

    It is so obvious! body-language.....looks in the eyes!

    "bright shiny faces"!

    wonderful post.

  5. Bruce- the Boldini is one of my favorites.

    Mosaicista- some colors do have that effect, I think one reason I love pink so much is my first room was pink and that was a fav. room of mine always.

    Natalia-stay in touch and share some of that dissertation with us!

    Thea- I like that idea. stay off ladders though.

    Penelope- Maureen is wonderful as is her work- do peruse her portfolio!

    thanks for all the comments on LAVENDER- I do hope you are enjoying them. I have great quotes from designers of interiors and fashion lined up for next week and forward.

  6. I love lavender...done sparingly and well. I haven't painted a room with it as of yet but I'm always thinking I will. Lavender ticking flannel sheets are on the to get list at the moment though...very spring like don't you think?! Just don't know what to pair them with.
    xo J~

    (Love the Victorian lady!)

  7. buongiorno Gaye
    Im just enjoying all your posts delicious and provocative ,back form my 2 weeks in London and the country. have 500 postings to read so its great fun speak soon love Fay xx

  8. Flo, heavens you will never get through. I will exempt you from reading mine, they will surely pop up in archives or suggested reads later! Lavender is on topic and will finish up next week.



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