10 February 2011

I am Love a history


pictures above: the most ancient family in Rome, Prince and Princess Massimo in their residence, Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne. An ancestor of the prince, a previous Prince Massimo, was defeated during the Napoleonic Wars. After he was captured he was brought before Napoleon, who said to him, “My dear Prince, I gather that you are descended from Fabius Maximus, who led the armies of Rome against Hannibal in 217 B.C.” The Prince replied, “My dear Emperor, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of that statement, but it has been a rumor in our family for a thousand years.” (texted linked to original here)

in repose the Recchi family

though there are things about the movie- I AM LOVE - I do not LOVE- there are certainly No words of disdain for the atmospherics and the interiors. The use of location for the Recchi  family home proves my ongoing perception that the past is only just under any surface- in this case it is what we see.
...And it looks very modern.

Piero Portaluppi's 1932  Villa Campiglio is the setting for I AM LOVE. GO to this beautifully laid out story by Taccuini Internazionali  Here

Piero Portaluppi: Villa Campiglio (1932-1935), Milano via Mozart 12 – Hall



  1. The Massimo palazzo is one of the most fabulous in Italy -- or anywhere. Thanks for the terrific photos!

  2. Amazing... I love that quotation. I've been dying to see this film.

  3. DC, it is extraordinary really, though it is so in the movie-seeing these photographs and reading about the creator makes it more so.

    JWC- it is a good one, you must get it- for the architecture alone!

  4. Sorry! What a bunch of dour and uninteresting faces! Not one has a spark of enthusiasm or joy!

    I would love the architecture......but I am afraid I could not endure the people! the body language and expressions........are any of them still alive?? EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

    EEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!! What a miserable lot!


  5. Beautiful!! I couldn't access the English version of the article for some reason and I don't read Italian well enough to understand all the text - but the photos themselves are fabulous!

  6. I had read so much about this movie and thought I was in for a real treat,
    but really hated it. The story is a bummer and the characters not very admirable. The title is misleading. Not the escapist fluff you might be expecting.

  7. I passed on it the other day....think I'll pick it up this afternoon for a V-day treat...thanks for the push k

  8. Dear Gaye, I am thrilled that you have solved a mystery for me....the location for the film 'I am Love'. I had guessed that the interior was in a style of the Thirties but could not track down the exact house.

    As for the film.....you are absolutely right....interiors...beautiful.....landscape....atmospheric....costumes......elegant.....plot....predictable and deeply unsatisfying!!

  9. I loved this movie - everything about it. I love the way the characters are viewed as from a distance, or through a keyhole. Everything looks perfect from afar, but on closer examination, they are all just people - like all of us. The house is almost like another character, with hidden recesses and doors opening and closing, revealing and hiding its beauties and mysteries and history.

  10. Intriguing post.I loved the movie and I love to go to Villa Necchi every time I am in Milan. I have a post on this house and the movie "I am love" on my blog, with more images.



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