11 February 2011

what did you FIND this week?

Luckily there was no snow-though it is on the ground, once again- to thwart my rendezvous with Elle Decor. All that was needed is a good internet connection to share my weekly finds with them from around the internet this week. Along with several other bloggers- I've shared my latest adventure down the fathomless net's rabbit hole! One hint- it involves Christian Lacriox.  I think this is one of the many adventures we will find Lacriox on and see the influence of this latest project in fashion and interior design for months to come.

what else will you find at elledecor.com? features about what their editors are reading and a sun filled cover from the original Bunny Williams- a departure in style for her? I don't really think so- her commitment to make interiors inviting, fresh and livable are fully realized in this her latest creation. The new MARCH issue is chock full-

If you have already explored  elledecor.com, don't wait.
along with their weekly  FINDS- their is a DESIGN DIRECTORY-where I have added my own  design work.

Don't just take my word for it! Check out the editor's video on youtube and get a glimpse of what you'll see in the MARCH issue.



  1. Ok, LA, you have my attention,
    as Monsieur Lacroix is my most favourite favourite in the world.
    He is the only person I ever went to meet and have autograph his book. Can't tell you how many celebrities I have met, rode the elevator with, got invited over by, and wasn't gobsmacked at all, but him...!
    I just this evening started "the tale of Sleeping Beauty" by Camilla Morton and illustrated by him.
    Brilliant you... bout time Elle Decor snapped you up!

  2. Totally agree - really a terrific issue. Also agree about Bunny - her work is always so creative and fresh - always stretching her repertoire and thinking out of the box. And I love that there is so much to see on the site - they have made good use of their digital initiative!

  3. PGT, I've always like the ElleDecor website, and now its even better. Some of your rooms we're familiar with, but there are others new to me. I particularly love the green room. Congratulations, and I will wait impatiently for the next issue.

  4. I loved finally being able to see your work...the rooms were lovely and steeped in aged beauty, I would have expected no less. Your recognition as a designer and blogger worth her salt is well deserved...congratulations!
    xo J~



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