11 February 2011

a Rykiel Rose is not a Rose


"... I could have been a writer — which I am. 
I could have been an actress — which I am, because you can’t do this métier without being an actress. 
I could have been a sculptor or an artist." SR

the quintessential Parisian

born in the city and much beloved, Commandeur de l'Ordre National du Merite.

officially celebrating her career as fashion designer of 42 years, in 1962 a pregnant Rykiel  created knitwear for herself when nothing could be found to suit.

Spring 2010


"I’m inspired by words. The first word I put on a sweater was “sensuous” because WWD elected me one of the most sensuous women in the world. I didn’t even know what it meant. We sold so many of those sweaters. Writing on a sweater is so beautiful." SR

"queen of knitwear"

 photograph ultrathew here

RYKIEL ROSE launched in 2000, notes of Pomegranate, Freesia, Pimento, Lotus Flowers, Cardamom, Lychee, Peony, May Tree, Bulgarian Rose, Rose Absolute, White Musk, Sandalwood, Teak Wood, Amber.


with her own 'Sonia Rykiel'  rose, a strong heady odour, full of pink to coral pink blooms that bend to nodding.  She prefers them arranged in round bunches-not high. I am "always cutting stems in order to get the bouquet shape right."

photograph by  Dominique Isserman, 1980

 & not to be forgotten a chanteuse.

here with the late Malcolm McLauren

see more RYKIEL here at the swell life
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read the Robert Murphy 2008 interview with WWD here



  1. Sonia Forever! I love her performance in one of my favorite movies, Pret-a-Porter--"I don't think I will pouf."

  2. Modeled for her in ancient times..her shows were always a party. I remember one year the models riding down the runway on bicycles to Yves Montand singing 'La Bicyclette' by Francis Lai..heaven!

  3. Bruce, Steven- thank you- she is a force.

    Diane-yes! I remember that of course.

    Allyson- that sounds heaven.

    She is one of those longing standing fashion gods no?

  4. A wonderful tribute to Sonia Rykiel!
    I had some beautiful pieces of hers back in the day. Very beautiful, subtle Bargello patterned sweater. I passed her on a street in Paris once and she gave me that great smile framed by her famous red hair! I've always loved her persona and her clothes.



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