08 March 2011

break neck fashion


this could  catch on in my closet.
in fact I might say I have been known to do just this-

watch out : style can kill.

 going to great lengths to please.
who wouldn't love this World of Granite Chanel.

though some of the boxy shapes left even the models looking- a bit thick.

I do love the Jumpsuit- another thing I used to love, wear,  and look good in-however little of the 80's other than that do I wish to see return.

I did save one.
It's black.
but- it's tiny.It was the 80's after all.

all these Chanel images from Vogue here, and read the incomparable Hamish Bowles take HERE.



  1. Yes Yes Yes -
    the rolled ankle details were my favorite, too!
    Definitely something that can easily find it's way
    to my closet. Frankly - one part of my body I can still show.
    I'd run back to jumpsuits in a heartbeat :-)


  2. You're yearning for spring. I fear my ankles would be freezing. Trim and chic, but freezing.

  3. Not what I would have expected from Chanel, agree the shapes are so boxy and the rolled cuff...I must say, I am not a fan, but all the deep smokey charcoal color....bring it on!

  4. Gaye, the jumpsuit brought back memories, I had several, even a St John and thought I was quite the thing!!

    Art by Karena

  5. adore. all of it. going to roll cuffs now. surely they will look at tho karl had done them.

  6. I love the black pumps!! They look so fresh. The clothes: as always, they are fantastic. Thanks, Mary

  7. Dear Gaye, I've just read Karena's comment. I had two jumpsuits from St. John which I gave away years ago. I should have kept them!

    I thought the Chanel show was one of the most relaxed yet xx

  8. actually last winter I had some jeans that had become just toooooo baggy so I used to roll up the cuffs just so!!! I particularly am fond of the grey on grey jacket in the 3rd group of photos (Granite of Chanel)...divine!!! TK xx

  9. Love the look of the Audrey looking pump with the rolled up pants. But I agree - I thought the shapes at Chanel were a bit odd and unflattering. I LOVED all the textures and of course gray and black are at home in my closet, but some of the shapes were rather unappealing. And although I adore the look of a jumpsuit, I have such a hard time finding one to fit since I am so long of torso.

  10. Do we all have a jumpsuit in our closet? the somber greys appeal- some of the boxy shapes were better left in the 80's.

    VT- ha! you said it.

  11. put up a response, in tribute ;)

    and because i can (have never been able to) not stop thinking of the glorious prufrock, anytime, so didn't he need to make an appearance?

    xxoo and all that

  12. I am on a jumpsuit hunt right now. I love them!



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