08 March 2011

every dog deserves its day


the photograph of a beloved family. my dearest family of friends- every last one including the 2 beasts of a dog.  told by my father for many years- "you do love dog flesh"- & I do. I can think of no substitute for the companionship of the dog.
No, she has one.
No, she has two-
and now 2 dogs-Argos and Sophie- Pulsing Weimaraners.
Doubtless any of these family members feel the same about these 2.
Ah! the stories they could  tell. The stories she tells are quite something, so certainly their rival versions would curl your ears. Argos- the year old gumby can sit you down and wrap himself around you in a modestly proportioned club chair. You are surprisingly comfortable- Argos is akin to an alpaca blanket. He is quite settled. Surely you can guess- Argos is the sprawled one-center stage. Sophie, ever the lady, in the forefront-observing, admiring her charges. Sophie knows all.
Whether you prefer the galumphing sort, the temerarious, gregarious or the raucous sort, often the dearest held are the oddest proportions of these. My own "pet" breed right now is something of them all, making each day a "treat."

What's the build up for? The most charming, delightful and soulful film I have seen in some time.

Dean Spanley
 It might just be the perfect film.

Peter O'Toole. Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam, Brian Brown.

streaming on Netflix, and on youtube as well. If you have seen it-let me know, If not. Do- and let someone else on on this little masterpiece- every deserves its day.
& if you have an English dog-you may already know it- if unknown to you Sir-no thanks is needed.



  1. Okay, MUST see this. I shall add it to my list of films that I will find my way to, including the animation of Ackerley's "My Dog Tulip." Have you seen it?

    Thank you.

  2. On my list! NOW! THanks my dear!

  3. Count on you to give us this recommendation and to jot such a loving post along with it.

  4. Adding to my list... I have always felt that dachshund Billy is my friend André incarnate. I know you know what I mean.

  5. How is it that did I missed this film? And how wonderful that Netflix has it at the ready. I adore you Little Augury!

  6. I look forward to seeing this! Thanks for the recommendation

  7. I have to see this!!!

  8. Anything with Jeremy Northam, sigh. Will rent this week. Never heard of it before.

  9. PS. It's great to see Argos and Sophie looking so well and happy.

  10. I adore dogs and this film sounds right up my street. Off to order a copy. Thanks for the tip xx

  11. I do hope you will all follow up-Can not recommend it enough- Nor the dogs and family pictured here.

  12. Having been 'the younger one' in a dog family I think I can confess there is no more enviable estate, and that it sets a kind of impossible benchmark, as we see here. This is a marvelous breed, wonderfully congenial to other breeds and genuinely family-devoted, and still very polite to guests. I suppose your friends are accustomed to being invited to dinner 'en masse'? I would think that they'd like it, to allow conversation to move beyond inquiring after the absentees. It's clearly 'our' favourite way of welcoming friends, and eventually the young all go off and doze off in an amiable heap, anyway.

    I didn't know the film, the human cast is top-drawer. As you say, one can't thank you for the referral, but you never know where doing good may end.



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