07 March 2011

Charlotte Moss: muses on Lavender


" Lavender
A color often misunderstood."

"The fluttering chiffon-like petals of a single iris
Placed on the mantle of one Pauline de Rothschild."

Tuileries Iris  photograph by Charlotte Moss

Tuileries Irises   photograph by Charlotte Moss

Pauline de Rothschild's London Flat photographed by Derry Moore

"The beautiful sculpted soaps in a bowl in my grandmother’s bathroom"

"The inside of a chocolate violet cr̬me Рfrom deBauve in Paris"

Pauline de Rothschild Balenciaga dress
image from the Met


"Often a grey hair-color rinse gone wrong – or right – depends on which way you look at it!”

Elsie de Wolfe
a lavander

"A sultry color. where few dare to venture--"

 Givenchy Fall 2011-detail
image from Vogue



  1. Ah! This post is making me yearn for Spring!

  2. Awaiting the iris. Hoping never for the hair. Loving the Givenchy.

  3. I just acquired a length of vintage Fortuny in mauve and lavender---gorgeous. Thanks for the great images.

  4. Little A. You have almost surpassed yourself in lavender. I am so glad to see the thoughts of Charlotte Moss on lavender. Her photographs tell the story and your accompaniment of Pauline de Rothschild dress to her comments is a perfect match! There are just too many delicious reeferences here to touch on them all. Nicely put beyond!!!

  5. Voicetalk- We are waiting!

    friend- I agree about the hair but it did seem to work for Elsie! Isn't that Givenchy beautiful?

    Mary- lovely! I am glad you are enjoying the lavender posts.

  6. Anon. I am on the last looks at lavender, have had some wonderful participants to add their thoughts on it. I hope I've made some converts. pgt

  7. Love these poems to lavender from Diane Saeks and now Charlotte Moss.

  8. Philip, it has been quite fun to do it-I hope others have enjoyed it as much-I doubt it. I have enjoyed the series. Kind of you to say so. pgt



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