12 April 2011

Charlotte Moss- On Style

and substance.

Ralph Rucci and Charlotte Moss -stylishly Classic  & classically styled in all things. Both seem to have a love for the Pagoda- Charlotte uses it as her trademark . The pagoda's  function as a refuge for relics and sacred writings makes it a most fitting for symbol for Charlotte Moss's design business - one encompasses jewelry, textiles, china, rugs, candles, books and of course elegant and classic interiors. Her new book CHARLOTTE MOSS DECORATES  will surely add another dimension to that idea- along with a new reverence for one's own home and its ambiance.

Just before we had our tete-a-tete, Charlotte had been to see the Anne Bonfoey Taylor  Collection at The Phoenix Art Museum.

She talked about women that really lived.
One of the things she said that struck me- and I have come back to time and time again is this:

"The clothes were parenthetical. "
Charlotte Moss 

Meaning- women were not just dressing up for the sake of Fashion, they had places to go and things to do. They were creating, working, discovering. I believe this idea should be  talked about  by women today. It isn’t  just about looking stylish, chic, or whatever words we use to define that certain thing about  someone that draws our attention, attracts our eye, gains our admiration . 

"It is living a Life beyond Fashion." 
Charlotte Moss 
If anyone adheres to this belief it’s Charlotte Moss. She is a woman of substance-& style. I can’t wait to share our in depth conversation-but while I am putting the finishing touches on several stories about Charlotte and her beautiful new book CHARLOTTE MOSS DECORATES, I had to ask-

(Having seen some of the clothes Charlotte wears- of course.) 
What are some of your recent fashion choices ?

She shops at a friend’s-
Ralph Rucci no less.  His tailoring is exquisite, his work is classic, sculptural - his is where Art and Fashion touch  and magic is made.

 These are three of Rucci's designs that Charlotte selected from his fall  2011 collection.

about his Fall Collection Rucci said:

"I show a variety because that's what style is."

"This is not fashion; it's Style." RR

 (- if I didn't know better-I think Charlotte had said it!, it's no wonder they are friends.)

& what is on his mood board at the moment? 
Pauline de Rothschild,  & you can bet it has been on Charlotte's as well. Her book will attest to that.

Ralph Rucci images on style.com here
RR on 1st dibs here



  1. I ordered her book last night... I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. Ralph Rucci is a true artist. His quote is indicative of his clothes and thank you to those that still believe it. I agree with Charlotte Moss and Mr Rucci and you. All are full of style and Substance

  3. Oh may, the Rucci imagery is stunning. I've had her book for several weeks and have been saving it for a moment when I can really dive in. Can't wait. Hope you are well.

  4. If i could afford Rucci, I'd shop there too - I'd wear that first outfit everywhere!! Moss is indeed a woman of style and substance (subtitle of my blog) and I can't wait to read your upcoming coverage of your conversations!!

  5. True--clothes have no point unless they attest to the character of the person within. Character and integrity are intrinsically "chic." Thanks for the great post. Mary

  6. Ok now, I love Charlotte Moss's decor as much as everyone else but frankly I can't see a woman her age (or mine) in that stunning short black dress....and with all due respect to Mr. Russo, it looks like ink spilled on the pants! Beautiful lines though....

    I hope my mother isn't reading this. She told me to keep my mouth shut if I couldn't think of anything nice to say so....the white top and black skirt are beautiful and very, very CM! (there)

  7. Lindaraxa- well my momma done told me too, nowa' hush ya mou'ath lil gal. I never want you to hush, cause then I'll have ta. I lv Mista Rucci's inky dress- that's a gown dawling- not britches. The lines are good- Gawd they'a gawgeous. Now bout that shorta skirt? I bet Mz.Moss will hav that one lengthand a bit. Don't cha?
    deed I do.
    xo Julie gal, la- that lil awgry to U

  8. All will Love the book- it reads beautifully! and is full of lush pics and rich in quotations-

  9. Q. his lines are exquisite and elegant.

    Mary- that is beautiful! "clothes have no point unless they attest to the character of the person within. Character and integrity are intrinsically "chic."
    (quotable and I will credit you- can I add something to the mary! let me know.

  10. LA

    Well I dunno talk like that, sweetie, cause I's yankee... but that damn gown still looks like it has ink spilled on it tho I's agree wit u them are some fine lines! even if the missus has that skirt lengthened it just aint fittin!

  11. I'm sorry, it mostly was due to the song my momma dun told me! that i got started with this whole dialect thing. I am very Southern- a least the voice is.pgt

  12. I love it when I hear from experts in the field and people close to the story-
    Ralph RUCCI is COUTURE- & always has been, therefore it is made to fit....that is, custom length...
    Regarding The long white dress, also Couture and the fabric is hand painted and much of the black is what's called caviar....small black beads handsewn......further Mr Rucci is an artist, he paints

    ( also there is a wonderful book on Mr RUCCI's art work- http://www.amazon.com/Ralph-Rucci-Weightlessness-Valerie-Steele/dp/0300122780/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1302791844&sr=1-1
    I have it, and it is worthwhile indeed. pgt

  13. Grant, could not agree with you more. Hope to have some other posts about Charlotte next week.

  14. Dear Gaye, the book looks fantastic and I love Ralph Rucci, simple and elegant xx



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