13 April 2011

threatening tulips


I threatened--------- most of the day,
to gather my tulips.
velvet dark night & almost lavender, but pink.
The storm threatened all day.
I gathered.
It started raining.



  1. LOVE your tulips Gaye see you next week fay x

  2. love that you gathered your tulips saving them from the ravages of a storm.

  3. You are an evocator par excellence! We can't grow tulips in this too-hot place and I miss them, especially the way the grow while in the vase and then do their dying swan routines, over the sides and down onto the table top.

    (I love it that the colour of the text matches the pictures).

    And I hope the storm, having hung back and waited until you'd done your gathering, was then a full-throated, roaring thing.

  4. What beautiful tulips! How wonderful that you saved them from the storm. My tulips are still tight buds, here in western PA. I cover upside down tomato cages with bird netting and fasten these over my tulip plants with landscape staples, to save them from the deer, who will eat the leaves down to the ground. But I take pleasure in my daffodils, which the deer do not fancy. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  5. harvested well over 100 ! Pimp-there should be spills and drooping galore in a day or two and I will photograph them again.

  6. What glorious blooms! the shades of your favorite color is inside and outside of them and it's all very heady. Gorgeous stuff!



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