01 April 2011

into the Wildes:


& less is MORE.

Frances Howard countess of Somerset,
attrib. to William Larkin c 1612-15 
NPG Painting 

the Countess seems to concur.

Simple pleasures are always the last refuge of the complex.
Oscar Wilde

coming up with 7 wonderfully stylish blogs is easier than
talking about myself after publishing this blog for two years- that  is harder. 

when I am given an opportunity to tap7 blogs with a stylish blogger award I jump at the chance-this is a required part of  the receiving of it.

also a part of  the receiving is the sharing of 7 things about Me. that is when I balk.  Easy too- is the introduction of- if you don't already know her blog- Moira's SKEINS OF THOUGHT. One of her ongoing topics is "this is romance"... Old Movies are the topic-
I'm a fan.
& since rules are made to be broken- and I enjoy that- Here are YOUR NEW MUST READS and you can say I said so-

you will love these

The Turkish Bath 1862







where I break the rules 

the Getty Museum © Man Ray Trust ARS-ADAGP 
Le Violon d'Ingres Man Ray
silver gelatin print 1924

I think the biggest problem with the BLOG MANTRA one of live and let live -is fear of no reciprocity from fellow bloggers.  There are diffierent blogs and there is something for everyone. Designers have always sought to find a clientele by giving them something not everyone else can find. Rendering up a beautiful room that has not been filled to the gills with stuff-stuffed into it, mediocre furniture and trendy fabrics will be a designer's calling card. If that is what a client is seeking-don't call me.
Few  bloggers will commit to separating themselves from other blogs by simply eliminating  from their blog lists  bloggers who repost a story from a publication and cut and paste the pictures & have heavy sponsorship on their pages.
It puts me in mind of a new blog called PIMP MY BLOG
I am always looking for new &  interesting original blogs to add to my blog list. If a person is writing to express themselves, educate, illuminate- they are elevating the medium they work in. I don't think for bloggers that are cutting and pasting from other web sources-  story and text are in the least concerned with originality.. taking an idea from other sources should be a way of  inspiring, expanding, offering something beyond a "copy."plagiarism is another expression- too harsh? 
Yes, well-I did say you would learn something about me here.
at this juncture in blogging-  it's the wild wild west out there- but at some point states are going to be annexed.



  1. Wow! I don't think I need a tan now, because I'm experiencing a full body blush which I'll likely retain for a long time:-) Thank you very much for the shout-out!

  2. Such a youngster here. St Tyl expresses gratitude!

  3. Brutti- how shall we shorten this or how do you want to be referred to-please Sir? You are now officially warned-we are watching, full body blush. G.

    G- You are young but great odds from previous races. I love your new baby and am excited to see where it goes and goes and goes! G.

  4. The Herberts and I are in a dither of excitement - thank you very much! Most muchily appreciated.

  5. If Little Augury says these blogs are worth reading...here I come! And I also agree with every word you said dear Patricia.

  6. Thank you so very much! I'm honored and so flattered!
    -William at sybaritic

  7. OMIGOD. (I actually mean to raise my voice....but not shout. Is there a way?)
    I doubt that you know who I am. I comment a lot. I have not ever had a blog. I love love love reading them. Yours is one of my very favorites.

    Just today; before reading your post; I eliminated blogs that do exactly what you just said. I was so surprised to read your post!
    I have been (very nicely) encouraged to start a blog......because I love to tell stories. I love nothing more than to do that! My whole life has been telling stories. Honestly.

    I think you struck uranium here.

    This is the difference between a great blog......(personal experience; personal pictures of personal things........personal opinions.....about historical pictures......references to old books......"An Aesthete's Lament " springs to mind.as one of the best or first example....points of view.....experiences and observations.....discoveries.......things we are excited about...and why! Historical examples.......

    whereas......the blogs that just do "steal" (sorry; but it is true) or (if credit is given) recycle other people's photos...from magazines and......tell some "pink" story are just not worthy of my time. Jeez! I could spend 24 hours day reading blogs!
    I sound like a snob.....and maybe I am a snob about this topic. . I have been a decorator for 41 years.
    Contests with blogs about "vote for me; as the best home decorating blog!!" And that blog isn't even about decorating?!

    I love love love, my job. I work for clients I love. I am so blessed to be passionate about my work......and to be able to pick my clients...........

    Blogging is , I guess I want to say, another case of the "cream rising to the top".

    The cream does rise to the top in every single enterprise I have been a part of.

    You are a part of the cream. For sure.
    Thank you for saying what you did. It needed to be said......

    I may step foot in the "blogosphere". I am launching a website. (Dear Lord Help ME...)...I have never had a listed phone number and have been by referral only. It is no longer ok to arrive at a prospective client's house with 19 "ALBUMS" to show my work. I think a website is kind of the same thing as personal referrals.....because someone sees my work and likes it in order to call me.

    The telephone book was way to scary to me from day one........(and I was only 22!!!)

    great post.....and it is giving me courage to go join the blogosphere! I have the same philosophy as you do!


    ps and we both LOVE Diane Dorrans Saeks........(I am proud to say I am in one of her many beautiful and beautifully written books Santa Barbara Living.

    Thank you for saying what you said!

  8. Pimp- Hold on the reins of the Herberts-which are positively gorgeous - your blog promises to keep me entertained, engrossed and amused. look forward to it.

  9. Brilliante- I am glad you agree-and your blog is so elegant- it is something we should all aspire to. these blogs have a spark-we all need to appreciate and promote. pgt

  10. JWC- you are very welcome and I love seeing what Charleston and parts beyond are doing. pgt

  11. Penelope- We know you and Love you and your comments always. Stories are a beautiful way of sharing history , entertaining and continuing to pass along your knowledge. I agree- it is so true-birds of a feather...I made to same comments and thoughts known to Diane just this week! In fact part of this is from sharing thoughts with her. I look forward to your website launch! very exciting. Gaye

  12. OK - I am dipping my toes into the controversy only because you asked. I actually have a GREAT problem with many of these issues. I don't begrudge those who want to take sponsors - I understand why they do it - blogging takes a great amount of time and many can not afford to participate without being compensated. I do not, as I imagine you do not, intend to go that route but it does not usually offend me. I must add that I don't pay attention to the sponsors' ads, so their presence is wasted on me. What does bother me, is the vote for me in some contest or follow me requests. I will occasionally indulge the person because it happens to be a friend but on the whole I find it distasteful. In general, I will not follow someone who requests that in their comment - although there have been exceptions, as there are to everything. As for content, I read many different kinds of blogs - some, like yours, more substantial and some just for aesthetic inspiration. There are many I find useless and many whose popularity just eludes me. I also think it is ridiculous to just reprint articles from magazines - what exactly is the point? I always hope that my writing, subject matter, art direction of my space etc. will attract readers on its own merit. The fact that I write sometimes write more than most I know deters readers who are looking to leave a quick comment so I will come back to visit them and boost their statistics. I do try and reciprocate thoughtful comments but not ones who say have a nice day and clearly haven't read the piece. And I also like to occasional post fun shorter pieces that are lighter (like my year of the rabbit one) but hopefully never insipid. It can be challenging to build a larger readership when many are just looking for the quick fix. But I guess I believe if you build it they will come - at least I hope so. And I hope I haven't gone on too long - but you did ask.

  13. Never came here without learning a great deal. It's always easier to profit more from your indulgence than your expectations, but it isn't half as fun.

  14. Q. Yes you are right, right right! I can not hope to be in better company than those that come to fill my page here. thank you for your input-I respect your own choices immensely.

    L. You are too kind, I did want to find that perfect last picture to support my wild west theme-but alas I could find no "right" appropriate nude cowboy on horse. ooorxx-if you happen to be on the continent,Gaye

  15. I'm honored - My deepest thanks Little Augury for your kindness - some flame and light was blown into my blog by your kind comment and writing.



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