02 April 2011

I never

ever wonder where  might be without Art.
the mere thought vexes. 
encompassing  such wonders.
without  seeing something-hearing something- reading something every day that sparks  imagination
where would I be?

a place I always go for inspiration-

Milton Avery 1944 Lazy Day Gloucester
I go here



"The head is not more native to the heart."- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1.2
"A violet in the youth of primy nature,
Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting,
The perfume and suppliance of a minute."
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1.3
"All that lives must die,
Passing through nature to eternity."
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1.2

composed 1689 and sung by Jeff Buckley in 1995
I travel across time- 
I thank  for that journey.



  1. Some Journey Gaye! thankyou for the fresh perspective I love Dido

    lovely and thoughtful way to start the day fay x

  2. Miss Little A. This is an extraordinary journey as is your entire blog. I will be following you hence forth.

  3. You are too kind, and one of my biggest inspriations. Thank you.



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