03 April 2011

valerie finnis & gillian welch

Muscari armeniacum muscari 'Valerie Finnis' 

The fairest bloom the mountain know
Is not an iris or a will rose
But the little flower of which I'll tell
Known as the brave Oconee bell

Just a simple flower so small and plain
With a pearly hue and a little known name
But the yellow birds sing when they see it bloom
For they know that spring is coming soon

Well it makes its home mid the rocks and the rills
Where the snow lies deep on the windy hills
And it tells the world "why should i wait
This ice and snow is gonna melt away"

And so i'll sing that yellow bird's song
For the troubled times will soon be gone

Gillian  Welch peforming  Oconee Bell

Shortia galacifolia  Oconee Bell the real bell

all photographs are my own except for the Oconee Bell flower
more about Valerie Finnis here


  1. there is something amazing about their color.
    they are so delicate and pretty.
    i winder if they have a scent.

    the color reminds me of a 'moonstone.'

    happy sunday

  2. Renee- I love their powdery appearance a pale smokey blue. They do not have any smell and they are from my own yard too. Gaye

  3. Gaye, I don't think I've ever seen this flower! Surely I'd remember one so stunningly beautiful and other-worldly! Something tells me that you have a garden that hummingbirds might visit.

  4. Mark, I have added a link to 2 other posts mentioning Valerie Finnis to the post. Gaye

  5. Thank you! I visited your links and especially enjoyed Valerie Finnis' collection of botanical paintings. Truly a national treasure. I know I'll be revisiting that link!

  6. I meant to say Marianne North, of course. My mind was in the sock drawer.



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