19 May 2011

as Elizabeth saw her


'She was like an altar on the move.'
Elizabeth Bowen on Edith Sitwell

Cecil Beaton photographer



  1. Hello:
    We love the work of Elizabeth Bowen whose novels we collect as first editions. Also, as it happens, we have the original published diaries of Cecil Beaton as well as many of his other books. 'And Still Falls the Rain' is a favourite poem of ours.

    How strange that this post of yours, which we have happened across, should bring together all three.

  2. From now on, whenever I think 'portraits' this is the photograph that will float before my minds-eye. It is perfection. I want to know her and be her at the same time.
    I have Beaton's book - Ballet. If the house were on fire...yes, it's one of those.
    Loving your Ottoline Divine. You are a treasure to the world of blogging.
    All the best,

  3. Jane & Lance, As so often with these personalities of the day- the overlapping of their work and lives is one I love to think on. Elizabeth Bowen is one of the authors I find has had a great influence on my reading and tastes. I have some of her 1st editions and some not so 1st but all cherished. As a note- I wrote a little about her here and another of my fav. writers is Eudora Welty-it is a great joy to know these 2 women were friends. thanks for joining in the conversation. http://littleaugury.blogspot.com/2009/06/questions-posed-to-our-readers-books.html

  4. Catherine, I am glad you have checked out Ottoline, a bit slow going but I am making a start. I love this photograph and think she was quite beautiful here. And yes wouldnt I love to know her too. pgt

  5. That's two sightings of Elizabeth Bowen in a week! An increasingly decreasing phenomenon. I love her for her description of an afternoon, looking out in melancholy as if through the eye slits of a mask.

    And that is a fabulous picture of ES. Her eyes...

    (is your commenting setup new? I can't leave comments as myself anymore because I have 'illegal characters' in my name!).


  6. Rouge- I don't think I have done anything at all in the last say 2 + months-though blogger wreaked havoc on its minions last week and ravaged posts from here to there. try it again next time! I am a particular lover of her own Bowens Court.



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