20 May 2011

a reminder

" I'm an avid follower of the news, and sometimes you just can't take any more war, any more disasters, and you want to remind yourself there's Beauty in the world." Alexander McQueen

The Madonna and Child with St John and Angels 
(c. 1497),



  1. Alexander was beauty in the world. I wish he had known it. And I wish he had never watched the news.

  2. Here's to Beauty...

    "In this earthly domain,
    full of disappointment and pain
    You'll never see me frown
    I owe my heart to you,
    and that's sayin' it true
    And I'll be with you when the deal goes down."

    ~ Bob Dylan

  3. Thank you for the reminder. I'm feeling it today. ox

  4. The Met book on the McQueen exhibition is full on quotes from AM. I am taken by his fashion story, the met site has much the same content, a real treasure trove. Dandy so true-yet this was part of his creative life-melancholy. the rest of this quote says..."I find beauty in melancholy."

    Inimitable- Dylan, another genius that walks amongst us.

  5. Great quote...something to remember....xv

  6. That's what I visit Little Augury for, moments of beauty.



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