20 June 2011

the beauty of paper


Maureen Footer is not a new name to the blog-I've had the pleasure to meet her and interview her. I am thrilled to see the current issue of Traditional Home featuring her project on Cape Cod.
It is everything Maureen is-sharp, smart, authentic.

See the entire project here at Traditional Home
read the about Maureen at little augury  here.

 images from the traditional home site

more views of the project on Maureen's website here.

 I first heard the name Ann Bonfoey Taylor from Charlotte Moss this Spring during a long conversation-from which an interview will emerge- at some point. I promise. She had just returned from Phoenix to see the collection of couture clothing belonging to Anne Bonfoey Taylor : Fashion Independent.

Charlotte is always on the cusp of what's what, what's new-
So, since I couldn't head to Phoenix-I bought the book- Fashion Independent The Original Style of Ann Bonfoey Taylor.  There is an exquisite film from the exhibition here at the Museum.

 A page from her fashion "book", I love these Charles James gowns, a bit "of the period"styling-say circa 1904.
See more of what's' behind the book from Charlotte Moss at the WSJ Fashion page here- A Fashion Icon Uncovered  & at Charlotte's blog tete a tete where there is an in depth continuation on Anne Bonfoey Taylor that is wonderful here

via the wsj.com- courtesy the Taylor family/ Toni Frissell

Charlotte's new book Charlotte Moss Decorates is beautiful.
All thanks to her for sending an advanced copy before we talked!
Here- just a couple of pages from the book. There has been much written about the book-But my tete a tete with her will be way beyond any you've read thus far! She studies women of style and substance as she puts it- and the book reflects that and the interview elaborates. In the book she has-in the Diana Vreeland tradition- given seekers of their own style many "why not?" pages and none of them anything like: “Why don’t you rinse your blond child’s hair in dead Champagne to keep its gold, as they do in France?” (Diana Vreeland)

Two books in my spring collection came from the extraordinarily talented Madeline Weinrib. She has been a  friend-(posts  here ) at little augury and luckily she keeps me in the know about books, design, artists, jewelry & exhibitions. She hosts some wonderful artists in her studio- and I regret I can not spend the afternoon with her at least once a week to see what she is working on next!

MUNNU , Irresistible Jewels by Eric Deroo is exquisite. The book is one of those books-a limited edition, with indescribable jewels-collector's pieces designed by Munnu, gorgeous styling and photography- otherworldly-unimaginable page after page- and my copy is signed by the designer.  I hope to share more details about the book and Munnu in a future post. Another of these special sorts of books-All Around Fulco Di Verdura-is one I would never have known about had Madeline not sent it my way. The book, by Milton Gendel, was part of his photography exhibition hosted by Verdura's Ward Landrigan several years ago. Gendel, a close friend of Fulco Di Verdura and a photographer, just happened to be on the spot when the great wave of society's who's who flocked around and about the jewelry designer.  Again- more about these photographs in a future post.

a peek at MUNNU Irresistible Jewels

The other books rounding out the collection this Spring are from major exhibitions- Balenciaga and Spain, in San Francisco & New York- & Yohji Yamamoto-at the V&A in London,.
The third book is from -Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty-which I still hope to see before it's run is over August 7th at the Met.


Yohji Yamamoto

Alexander McQueen

 & lastly- while sitting in a doctor's waiting room- I read and feasted on this beautiful issue of VERANDA.

This- the MAY JUNE issue- nothing amiss-each page is beautiful-each article is beautiful.  The issue is a "must save" featuring the Georgia home of Furlow Gatewood on the cover and with its rooms inside. A remarkable set of rooms that I would love to see in person-not to mention rooms I could live in. There are so many "take aways" from his approach. His eye is unflinching & unmatched for all that is beautiful & for spotting something imperfect-making it more perfect for all its blemishes. I like that- and I prefer rooms put together this way.  Get the issue-if you still can.

& don't settle for "images", jpegs-you will be forever disappointed.

There's nothing like the power of paper-
or the beauty for that matter.



  1. So many books...so little time! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. The photo from Ms. Moss's of Why Not? may have changed my life. So many thanks. Oh the problems you've solved.

  3. Well, you've hit 2 nerves with this post.

    I spent a great part of my career in printing, and I love paper. It is a critical part of any fine printing project, which unfortunately rarely happens any more in marketing. The best part was understanding the subtleties of what happens to color and image as it goes from photograph to proof to printed page.

    2ndly I was wondering if you were familiar with Roberto Capucci?


    This exhibit was incredible; inventive, intense workmanship, vibrant, rich color, movement, totally fantastical and quirky. Every tiny stitch was perfect and even. The layers and layers of linings, and interlinings, every edge finished smoothly and every piece perfectly formed and draped. I can't imagine how long it would take to make 1 piece!

  4. Pictures- so true!

    Toad- a question I ask myself often-why not? Glad to have helped. pgt

  5. Hannah. I can't wait to see his work. I need to know-as the post indicates. PAPER-yes I love it. I have noticed in my latest Vogue (which is steadily becoming useless to me-but they do have wonderful "house" features with Hamish Bowles) the paper is inferior to their past issues. The MUNNI is especially printed on wonderful heavy-ish paper a real beauty- as books go. pgt

  6. Love to hear what you thought, Gaye, when you've checked out Capucci's work. An interesting journey.

    Loving Ottoline, too, btw!



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