30 June 2011


self portrait 1939.

(née Lucy Renée Mathilde Schwob)

Claude Cahun was object and  subject of her photographs.
She was exploring-Self.

 Claude Cahun, self portrait 1929.

Today we project words like-
But it was Self  for Claude.

 Claude Cahun, self portrait 1927.

Nothing could be more full an introduction to Claude and the exhibition than this video by the curators François Leperlier and Juan Vicente Aliaga.
You will be captivated.
at Jeu de Paume:

I think it speaks volumes that the lady left her body of work to be unearthed. No bequests- No Expectations. 
Only Self.

Jeu de Paume read more here



  1. Thank You much for the introduction!!!!

  2. Bruce, I was so intrigued with her story-I had to get this out to readers. It is all about the quest isn't it?

  3. Yet again, you have read my mind! I came across a book on Amazon about her awhile back, bookmarked it for another day... your post has urged me to order it! Remember what I said about the cumulative effect of book weight killing me if and when I ever move??? I blame you for some of it!!!!!

  4. Fascinating...contemporaries of Freud and Jung. They explored new territory and then left it to be rediscovered by others, mainly men. Thanks. Mary

  5. absolutely amazing will be reading in depth later I see she is also being exhibited in Edinburgh Thankyou fay x

  6. Thank you...I had no idea. Off to explore the links.

  7. How wonderful that Claude Cahun was rediscovered and recognized, and with such respect. How good it would be if the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol talked about for each of us was such a tribute.

  8. Thea, my apologies. and yes we are as usual channeling the forgotten women -and the occasional man to the fore.

    Mary- She is of great interest in that regard. She was really quite something by all accounts-obviously not seeking the limelight.

  9. Fay- if you get that way do report back to us. pgt

    Giulia-there is a good bit beyond this post!

    Mark- I like your comment immensely- I am a Warhol fan and have been since college-would that a bit of his own Time could have been shared with the likes of Claude Cahun. PGT

  10. Absolutely amazing! How wonderful that Claude Cahun was rediscovered and recognized!

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  11. PGT, I love your blogs so much. I learn about so many remarkable people that I'd never otherwise encounter. This was so interesting. Thank you for sharing it and all the other wonderful things that catch your discerning eye!

  12. thank you for posting this... beautiful.

    let's take down all the walls that tear us apart...


    happy weekend..

  13. Erica- I think so too. Glad you weighed in.

    tht- I was really thrilled to discover the Jeu de Paume site and the exhibition. I have a tumblr account now and had put some on there-then I felt compelled to do the same here. The video is great.
    I appreciate that you value what I do, I value your patronage here. pgt

  14. David,exactly. if we can be true to ourselves those walls are easier to dissolve. Claude was in search of-and that can only be rewarded, or ought to be in the end. I am glad her work has come to light. pgt

  15. Once again, you featured one of my obscure faves. And, I don't need to tell you this, there is a really good BOOK out there by Shelley Rice entitled Inverted Odysseys: Claude Cahun, Maya Deren, Cindy Sherman, from an exhibition in 2000. The book
    has a full text of Cahun's "Heroines."

  16. Lucinda, yes Obscure. I think I have to get the book-I was completely unaware of this Lucy.

  17. I was lucky enough to visit her retrospective at "Le Jeu de Paume" in Paris.
    The images are sometimes slightly larger than those shown on the computer screen but they are real jewels of modernity.

    "So petrified, I'm petrified in cloud. " Claude Cahun

    Thank you for this nice post...

  18. Valery, thank you for stopping in. I am so intrigued by the women behind and in front of the lens. pgt



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