22 June 2011

in blue jeans


"Woman Begging with Two Children"

No discovery or great uncovering this exhibition-but I found the paintings to be of such loveliness that I could not put them in your sights. The linking of textiles of the past to present is always of great interest here and nothing could be more interesting than the exhibition of seven late 17th century Italian paintings showing the subjects dressed in denim. The fabric made at the time in Genoa and was called by the French name for that city, Gênes. The paintings are thought to be the work of a single, unknown artist,Imagine that! “The Master of the Blue Jeans” was organized by Gerlinde Gruber, a curator at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, for Galerie Canesso in Paris.

"A Beggar Boy with a Piece of Pie"

  "Woman Sewing with Two Children"

  "A Frugal Meal with Two Children"

"Frugal Meal"

"Woman Spinning with Two Children"

"The Barber's Shop"

as I always say "there is nothing new under the 17th century sun.



  1. I realized that denim was around well before the Gold Rush, but had no idea it was quite this old! I'm always learning new things here! Mark

  2. Mark, I know aren't these amazing, & unknown,how could that be.

    Ulla, yes, xo, Gaye

  3. Who knew - Gênes from Genoa?! And you forced me to learn how to type a circumflex - two lessons in one!!

  4. THIS IS THE GREAT BEAUTY AND GIFT OF THE INTERNET! (I know that is shouting...but I mean to shout.) Hope it didn't hurt your ears!!

    can you just imagine how few people would see this totally engaging and beautiful exhibit without.......2 things...."Little Augury" bright eyed and bushy-tailed as she is......
    and even with her....without the internet?

    this will spread....and should spread.....and is a wonderful example of an unknown artist of the top quality.........this is what I call the "gift of the internet"

    It's ability to spread beauty in a geometric progression around the world to places we do not even know of. Children can see these beautiful pictures in places......we have no idea.
    There are downsides and abuses of the internet......as in anything else in communication......

    But this is a triuimph.....thank you so much P. Gaye.......what a huge gift you provide for so many!!!!!!!!!

    Honestly!!!!!!!!!!!! Each post!!!

  5. The paintings are gorgeous and are filling my heart with the sadness of the sitters..the children..... But now I know where the word "jeans" came from. Thanks. Mary

  6. Hi Gaye I know heres always been a debate around this and Nimes so it was great to seee the images thankyou fay x

  7. I'm so glad this is of interest. I saw it earlier in the year and assumed it would be everywhere-realizing it was not I decided to post it. It is interesting-there are times I wonder-has it been done? is this repetitive? but in keeping with my original concept here- I feature what I love and therefore it becomes a record- a scrapbook for me- and hopefully for you All as well. The paintings are achingly exquisite to my eye and glad it is appreciated by readers here.

  8. Such an interesting informative post! Thanks!



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