21 June 2011



"Summer afternoon - 
Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language."
Henry James

photograph by Lucinda Lambton 
World of Interiors, July,1992

& on this first day of Summer a birthday wish to ELizabeth- 28 years today.

Vogue June,1972




  1. You capture my mood exactly. I am in a very summer mood today. A favorite quote. Also, love the header with the sphinx in Alexandria. Just finished Cleopatra: A life by Stacey Schiff this morning. The Vogue '72 image is brilliant.

  2. The first image is a time capsule for summer. I would love to see it printed in a current magazine. And, a first day of summer birthday...divine!

  3. Philip- if only we did not have such humidity. ah-so hot, but I had to quote James.

    A&A- It is indeed and a wonderful girl for a wondrous day.

    Bruce-as always-thank you. pgt

  4. I love that photo of the trees, ladders, grass and couch. All you need is a book and a glass of wine, and life would be utterly complete.

    But gggggrrrrrr. In this half of the world, temperatures are dropping and dropping. I wore a woollen jumper to work today :(

  5. Me too! love the photos....and I love the ladders! And I love the first day of summer birthday! what a lucky luck!


    ps it should be against the law for weather to be as heavenly as it is in Santa Barbara...don't tell.

  6. Oh.....and I forgot to say......(to add insult to injury) There are "no bugs" here! I am not kidding. Don't ask me why!! NO BUGS!!!

    don't tell.

  7. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!! Daughters are the best blessings in the whole wide (and wonderful) world (sons are bad either). Happy summer to you. Mary

  8. Green and a balmy temperature is a recipe for happiness.

  9. ahhhh Lucinda miss her ,she hasnt had a television series for WHILE What a perfect image
    could do with that now ! its baking here
    grazie Gaye

    fay x

  10. What a beautiful photograph with the ladder!
    Thanks for all the stunning photography.
    I adore your blog!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  11. Hels, have to tell you wool sounds good, I have to say. The photograph is certainly idyllic.

    Penelope, Oh NO! don't say it. here I would call this weather SWELTERING and buggy, I feel like I have to run from the mosquitoes, though I think since we had NO Spring they are not quite so bad yet.

    Fay-well yes, but at least it is Italy! pgt

  12. Jones, yes a Summer Solstice birthday girl.

    Jamie, I do love the idea of this sort of summer, it helps to keep me cool.

    Linnea- Green and it is hard to keep it so with the heat here. Green is such a comforting and cool color-and Liz's favorite at that. She is a very Summer girl. pgt



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