29 July 2011

SUMMER at the LODGE : friends :Fowler style, gardens:Haslam style


"My friends are my estate."
- Emily Dickinson

"The lovely flowers
embarrass me.
They make me regret
I am not a bee..."
— Emily Dickinson

ahhhh..... Yes!  'anything pink-and anything pretty gets put in...jammed in' ~NH

Lodge Love here at NH Designs 



  1. How do the English do those lawns? Looks like a charmed life.

  2. we ADORE nicholas.

    he sounds like noel (coward) yet dresses for a debauched night at some seedy bar off the nether reaches of kings cross.

    so english.

    such restrained chintz with the scent of violets in bloom and some quite lovely etchings in the dormer bedroom to admire by candlelight.

    have a beautiful weekend, dear augury.

    we are off to swim (alas in a local pool - one day 'twill be our own on the estate with a dutch garden laid out by john fowler)

  3. Love these vintage photographs... I've always admired this amazing house. Not to mention Nicky Haslam's pretty easy on the eyes as well.

  4. Agree and adore "anything pink and anything pretty gets put in... jammed in" ~ LOVE.

  5. Love this! Having been on a glorious garden tour of the Cotswolds in England last year, this felt very familiar. These gorgeous old houses in England and their gardens are such iconic images of the English countryside. This little film was wonderful, so inspiring, and it made me think of that line from "Howards End" -- "the more people one knows, the easier it becomes to replace them. It's one of the curses of London. I quite expect to end my life caring most for a place."

  6. I do love his style-and the idea of his gardening in the morning in a robe.

    Sunday- I love that line, thanks for bringing it here. This would be a "place to love" no doubt. pgt



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