31 July 2011

on marking an anniversary


in celebration of a blog of note's first year- his admirers-bring gifts.

for being amongst us this year- beth, valery, bruce, ivan, victoria

first of all,
move me,
surprise me, 
rend my heart;
make me tremble, 
outrage me, 
delight my eyes,
afterwards, if you can.
whatever the art form, 
it is better to be extravagant than cold.  
-Denis Diderot

original photographs selected by the artists for laurent
phaedrus by beth nelson
chapeau by valery lorenzo
dream by bruce barone
dear pan by beth nelson
victoria falls, south luangwa  by ivan terestchenko
castor et pollux by victoria thorne



  1. A beautiful tribute.

    I am honored to be part of it.

  2. I am quite extremely moved by this astounding, unprecedented occurrence in my life, which has set back my dog's grooming program for another week and must certainly deplete my cellar in some massively superfluous way. But I've known of this now for some 4 hours, and it's time to yield to courtesy if not to comprehension. There is no question that the generosity of all 6 of you toward my page has been magnificent encouragement and that your work has set safely unapproachable standards of inspiration. I can't count the times I have visited your pages and gained great and unexpiring stimulation. Of one thing I am particularly grateful, as I study this beautiful presentation, over and over; and that is, that I feel that with your help I am earning the right to love what you do. Please look again at rmbl, I will live happily with your promise that you may.

  3. It is an honor to be part of this wonderful bunch of people I love, it's very nice of you ...
    Thank you for your generosity that I absolutly want to share with all these "protagonistes"...

    Merci infiniment

  4. Bruce-thanks to you.
    Valery- & You.
    Laurent ;( pardon dear Whit.

  5. Thank you again for asking me in...

    Beautiful mix to be part of.

    un abrazo




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