01 August 2011

my streaming reading stacks


There are some great summer reading lists out---- Blue at the Blue Remembered Hills-of course is reading  books I would like to read and add to my list.
Am I kidding myself ? My hands are full---of books. I have read through some on this List and am simultaneously reading a couple of biographies for the second time-more memoirs really which can easily be picked up the second time round without feeling  you've slighted it somehow.

From the list--- The Stranger's Child- a real exciting start-fizzling out by the end. That's disappointing-the author Alan Hollinghurst has had his reader's awaiting this book. I would like to know what you think if you venture to read it.

William Gibson- My first read from his shelf of titles- Pattern Recognition. More about Gibson later this week.

I am definitely looking into the periods in English history before the first  War and the aftermath and interim to the second War.

Imagine a horribly unprepared freshman sitting in a Philosophy of  Religion class at the UNC- Chapel Hill-way over my head-but listening. That is important-sometimes it is not what one says-but how one listens. Turns out I established my personal philosophy from this noted Southern philosopher Maynard Adams. I can't wait to read this biography about the man that shaped my philosophy.

No--- not so much engaged in enlightenment.

the Return to- stack.

a satellite of the desk---of the office---
stories to write & research

& of course the to be paid files.



  1. How are you doing with Bright Young People? I must admit to finding it a bit of a slog, thought full of info and contextual analysis.

  2. I am currently reading The Greater Journey.
    I am enjoying it.
    Zetta is completely adorable, and has a beautiful expressive face.

  3. Maybe the dog has a soupcon of doubt about all that reading (after all, it cuts into nap time dramatically).

  4. Thank you for the mention and the link to my blog! Your selections today have lengthened my reading list - an already extensive list gleaned from comments made on my post of July 27th. I'm going to be busy through the winter with this list of books!

  5. have you read Agatha Christie's memoirs. I find it amazing

  6. Ann- that is one I have not started. I went back into the Diana Cooper bio-and her memoirs not shown here & decided to transition into these books about preceding the war.

  7. Philip- she is so smart, as my brother said-if she only had thumbs. Personally I'm glad (I think) she doesn't! I look forward to starting the McCullough book. pgt

  8. Townhouse! Don't you know it? There are many nights when she sleeps with me that she sighs- and it's not because she is wistfully dreaming!

  9. Blue. You are welcome- We have to stop meeting like this---- NO! Never! We are asking for it aren't we?pgt

  10. Ahha- No and I love her mysteries. I will follow up on that. thanks, Gaye

  11. Good for you reading an actual book! Becoming rarer and rarer, and I applaud it. I am reading Hemingway's A Moveable Feast for about the fifth time. Just a beautiful book and I always get something different out of it - this time, how Zelda Fitzgerald destroyed F. Scott.

  12. good lord! another person who keeps rereading Hemingway?

    Lordy! How lucky can I get?

    wonderful blog......and after this entire kerfuffle........(an important kerfuffle...at Habitually Chic)......I think there will be a change in the blogosphere........I hope so. More comments......less snarkey"! I hope so! I say......""snarkey" stay home and stay quiet!!!

  13. What is wrong with us!
    We re-read the "old and favourites", have a stack of "new" to read, and keep adding like maniacs to the stack!
    That Diana Cooper is a fav of mine!

  14. Bart, Always a good one to return to-pgt

    Penelope-I must check out that kerfuffle, I stay somewhat out of the loop, unless I am in it-and that I hope is rare. pgt

    Thea- it is a sickness! I am terminal. pgt

  15. I do believe that we have the same library. I was saddened but Bright Young Things was very dull, perhaps it's the self indulgence. This is a lovely blog.



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