31 July 2011

do u shoot straight?

or reload, and reload, and reload.

what is the Brand worth now?


...still not jobs, surprised?



  1. Yes, I'm tired, very tired of our ELECTED politicians. Mary

  2. Extremely arresting. Wow. Curtis

  3. It's kind of hard to celebrate deals with hostage takers.

  4. I am completely sick of all these "players." We can not think of the national debt as if it were a personal check book-to balance. Simplifying in this respect doesn't work. whatever the outcome-the irony of a small faction of extremists that want to end social programs-and in turn accuse the Pres. of demagoguing and then tell those program recipients If the country defaults those programs-medicaid-military- will be paid.
    We have gone too far this time, we are a brand and it is not just being made in China it is financed there too.Standing on either side of party lines-no one wins-no taxes-no jobs- bad credit-more committees. I could go on-I could rant-which I did-and I will again no doubt. Thanks for bearing with me. Gaye

  5. I am too embarrassed to even read the front page.

  6. oddly enough it is unfashionable to express political views on otherwise fashionable pages-I was pointed to this comment-at - of all places another blog. I have been accused of many things-but never pretension. Does this person know me? or assume too? that must be it. Should I be insulted? worried? or just amused by the same sort of antics- here or there as in the nation's capitol. I think that is it-however a certain kind of bullying and airs can't be right can it?
    this is what I find there on the same day I post here.
    Sam Boettici said...
    Lolz! You're sweet, but like your sister, Little Augury, beyond pretentious, and now, fast becoming comical. Don't try so damn hard! Referencing the 'Tea Party' and 'rednecks'?! Really?! Someone needs to get laid, asap! And remember, always watch your #teeth!

    If only "getting laid" would solve the nation's problem-but like Sam's own dilemma- after sleeping with so many, so indiscriminately-He thinks better to repeat His mistakes and get laid again-rather than clean up and change the sheets. I'm astonished by such bad behavior-Manners if you will- Sam you went too far, and you may be in fact recalled come the next election-No one, especially Me likes to be bullied-Here or on someone else's property.
    and what does lolz mean anyway?



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