11 August 2011

that's LIFE: AUGUST 11, 1941


Coming off the role of Doña Sol des Muire in Blood and Sand, Rita Hayworth relaxes on the beach for her LIFE cover. Between the years of 1941 and 1947, Rita posed an unprecedented four times for LIFE-at the time that number matched only by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  This August issue also featured the soon to be iconic image of Rita posing for photographer Bob Landry in a lace and silk satin negligee. In just a  few months -with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States' entry into World War II- the image would be caressed by millions of fighting men at war. That desire for the satin and lace clad Rita Hayworth would  make her the most popular pin-up girl of the war along with Betty Grable-and also emblazon her with the title of 'Love Goddess.'

“All I wanted was just what everybody else wants, you know, to be loved.” RH

"Harvesting bumper crop for Uncle Sam. Movie star Rita Hayworth sacrificed her bumpers for the duration. Besides setting an example by turning in unessential metal car parts, Miss Hayworth has been active in selling war bonds.", 1942 (from Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Overseas Operations Branch. New York Office. News and Features Bureau)

Seventy years later: America is at War and Women still just want to be loved.
But- there is No Rita Hayworth-nor will there ever be-
and No National Sacrifice- Not even one damn bumper.



  1. Patricia your last paragraph..priceless. So very true, there will never be another Rita Hayworth. Those were the days when sex was not in your face. It existed, you bet, but for some reason such 'bomb-shells' seemed to exude their sexuality with more class. Hard to put ones finger on the formula, but it was Rita's secret weapon. Great post as always!

  2. Oh Rita Hayworth!!

    You are so correct! Never another!!!!

    I love so much that she was treasured and loved and provided comfort and desire in those millions of soldiers! What an honor....her"lace clad image" was "caressed" by those soldiers and I am sure did provide comfort! What heroes they were!

    I met her daughter, years ago ; Princess Yasmin Aga Khan who began the Alzheimer's charity and has raised millions of dollars for Alzheimer's. I met her briefly, when we were in college. She is lovely, smart and funny.

    Yasmin is a beautiful woman who has single-handedly brought together an amazing team of doctors and donors. How she has honored the beautiful memory of her beautiful mother. And helped so much in the research of the dreaded disease; and also helped its victims. Bravo!

    Yasmin; was one of the very first people to step up and set up a foundation for; and start fund-raising events for this disease.

    I believe she helped bring Alzheimer's out of the shadows and into the light as a very pernicious and destructive disease, It was kind of hidden...as if it were somehow a disgrace.

    She has had an enormous effect. Her mother was very young when she was stricken. Alzheimers's is a horrible tragedy at any age. Yasmin has been an enormous force in raising funds for the research of and the funds to care for the victims of this disease! She was one of the very first to put a face and a real person on a "disease"; and I applaud her. She has been the model; and thanks to her there are many.

    What a lovely young woman!


  3. I forgot to agree.......yes. 70 years later we are at war. And everyone wants to be loved.

    that is so true.

    Brilliant and timely post! LA!

  4. There is national sacrifice, but it not personalized. Therein lies the fault. Thanks for this post that makes me formulate words to express my thoughts and frustrations. Mary

  5. 'Not even one damn bumper.'... that says it all.
    Love beautiful Rita too.. and boy could she dance!

  6. My mother looked just like Rita Hayward in her youth! The resemblance to that photo is amazing!

    No national sacrafice? All the money going to the war effort and our infastructure crumbling, education a national disgrace, and families loosing young men..... I could go on....

    Very timely post.

  7. Sandra you are right in that sense-as Jones refers to it-that personal sacrifice is what is missing I think-the tangibles. Certainly a national draft would bring it home-maybe an equally shared one would even state it better.

    Rita seems to have searched for that love-marrying 5 times. Really such a beauty and there will never be another-but isn't Hollywood pretty much tacky tacky right now anyway-little hope holds in that quarter.

  8. Amazing post, makes ya think.... Rita was so stunning.



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