12 August 2011

a wedding of a different color


I think you will see these images saturating the internet-if you haven't already. Why then, have I zeroed in on them?
Weddings are beautiful- brides are exquisite- yet-rarely is the bride an Original.

Originals- Oh! yes- there are certainly stylish women everywhere, and chic-we've talked that too.

but an modern Original? Indeed- Katie Shillingford-Stylist and Fashion Editor for Dazed & Confused, married Alex Dromgoole in Greenwich's Eltham Palace  wearing a  pale grey gown of shredded layers of silk chiffon she collaborated on with  friend and designer Gareth Pugh. A floor-length veil  adorning the bride's coiffure was designed by famed milliner Stephen Jones.

reminds me of - Tim Walker's horse of a different color.

or this-

photograph by Majukka Vainio

see more wedding photographs- all by Amy Gwatkin on Another



  1. All one needs is the gondola...so Henry James of Portrait of a Lady!

  2. Love originality, beautiful!

    All the Best to her!

  3. Bruce- I know.
    Pamela- I can see you in it!
    The Swan-yes, she looks perfectly Jamesian.
    friend- she is a true original bride-and I love the long sleeve here and in Katharine Middleton's gown too.



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