02 September 2011

Cande: The Trousseau


Dressmakers from Mainbocher working on Wallis' Trousseau at Candé, France 1937--Bela Bernand photographs from flickr


  1. This is all a treat as Madonna premiered W.E. this evening at the Venice Film Festival...and wore a Wallis Blue with beaded and embroidered butterflies gown by Vionnet.

    Bringing the trousseau to view is like when my friend opened the long lost trunk of Baron DeMeyer and brought into the light the long lost images of his photographic labors from the shroud of Mystery.

    Mainbocher is beading your celestial gown while DeMeyer sets the arc light.

  2. I admire that you preserved these photos. The Lady is a legend. These are rare. We are glad here at interior designer directory that you posted this article.

  3. I love all the Wallis posts you have. It is whetting my appetite for WE. And, you worked in DG! Can't get much better!

  4. Thea- thanks, DG's dress though I don't know who the designer was-is the pastey version, and style very beautiful!

    BT- thanks.

    The Swan- yet another story I must have you tell me! I am so glad these pictures were out and about. I know Wallis could do mending- I hope she consents to adding a royal stitch or two!



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