02 September 2011

CANDE - a Wedding Album & something Blue


Something borrowed-
Something blue-wallis blue

 the Many Lives of a wedding suit 
MAINBOCHER  for Wallis Simpson

Now a pale paste color-the once Wallis blue gown was victim to unstable dyes Mainbocher cut the dress in. The dress was recreated for the film Wallis and Edward and worn by Joely Richardson-playing Wallis Simpson.

The dress was designed by Michael O'Connor and will be also worn by actress Andrea Riseborough, playing  Wallis Simpson in Madonna's WE.

This one piece dress of light grey-blue satin backed crepe was made for Joely Richardson, who starred as Wallis Simpson inthe 2005 TV film Wallis and Edward. Originally part of theMarriage in the Movies exhibition, Museum of Costumes in Scotland-the dress is currently on loanto Madonna, whose directorial debut, W.E. The dress will be wornby actress Andrea Riseborough, who plays Wallis in the film.

"This is a dress that was made for the movies, so when we received the request from Madonna's production company, we were only too happy to oblige." National Museum of Costume general manager Margaret Roberts ..

& Daphne Guinness fashion chameleon was seen wearing a near knock off of the faded Wallis, at left and at right, the summer wedding of Kate Moss

wearing the blue of Wallis at the Venice Film Festival screening of her WE this week-Madonna in Vionnet- with lines very much in the mood of the period



  1. she must have been bewitching.....
    because she is really nothing special to look at.
    ....except for her excellent taste.


  2. Madonna is wearing the CROSSES bracelet she purchased recently...of course, THE original of the Duchess of Windsor.

  3. Very beautiful blue. A color to dream about. And I like it particularly with red, or aubergine.

  4. Renee- there is much evidence- reams of photographs that she was not the most photogenic, yet I can't help but think like myself when looking at some of my own- she winced at some of them-however she had come to terms with her "looks" and played them up beautifully with severity of line.

    Swan- the bracelet is an eye catcher.

    LPC- it is a perfectly beautiful blue-and the dress is gorgeous- gorgeous.

  5. Madonna is my favorite actress i have not this pic of her. These are very rare pics thank you for sharing with us.

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