03 September 2011



'She was so affectionate, a loving sort of friend and very rare you know. Women are rarely that sort of friend to each other.' Diana Vreeland



  1. How true; and how sad that is!
    I have heard that before about Wallis Warfield Simpson; she had great woman friends....and was very loyal to them; and helpful and supportive.
    I don't know if it was during "her time"; or if women in general are rarely "affectionate and loving " to their friends.

    I certainly am blessed with many. Is it the times? I don't know. I just do know I am blessed.

    When she and Edward were banned from England......she needed those friends.

    I really think she was that way about her women friends from the get-go!
    She would never have predicted her path in life. And I am sure she survived well with those friends.....(women) Any of us who would have survived our lives without our women friends? Not me!!!

  2. Thank you in this series for taking me somewhere else. Traveling here is one of the best things I do. Curtis

  3. Penelope, Partly her era I think. As I read through different memoirs-though I do think it must have been so with WW. I have several and like you cherish them.

    Curtis- thank you!



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