23 September 2011

Inspired by

the dress

the rug

the dress?

the rug?

the dress? the rug?

 dress? rug?

the dress by ETRO, the rug by Christopher Farr

the inspiration?

portrait of Vanessa Bell by Duncan Grant


the Artists' Studio in Charleston, East Sussex,

The Charleston Trust

Courthauld Gallery Exhibition Bloomsbury image here


  1. Ah, la belle inspiration! C'est trop fort!
    La designer était très influencée!
    Je connais pas ce tableau mais je comprends!
    Merci pour ce partage très instructif!
    Have a good day!

  2. My mind went to "Mondrian"! that is all I can say! Brilliant people all around....however, "Mondrian" popped into my head!

    wonderful post, as always....provocative......good grief! what a gift we have in the blogosphere! I am old.....you young people ; stop and think what an enormous gift this is!

    I have to force myself away from reading the amazing brilliant blogs.!

    And walk! and work! (actually the working part is easy! but there are brilliant blogs........so many!)

    YYIKES!!! Is there a silent treadmill I could be walking on while reading all the brilliant blogs? (I cannot abide noise) !


    Bravo! So great!

  3. christopher farr's work melts my soft mind everytime. fantastic!

  4. There are references to a number of things no doubt. Christopher Farr's rugs are a part of his Omega inspired collections, thus the reference to both Omega and Bloomsbury in this posting. I saw the dress and fell in love with it, and No I did not even think of buying it, but I immediately thought of the last image of Bloomsbury-that rug seemed to me to be the old and faded impression of that very dress pattern.I followed his lead on this one. PGT



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