11 October 2011

the beauty of Brandolini

an inspired video with Muriel Brandolini here , a book comes to life.
if you have 9 minutes-
Be transported

Video interview and text: Grazia d'Annunzio
Videographer: Tommaso Cardile
Editing: Marco Morona

&  a collection of pieces made in Vietnam for Barneys:

“For these pieces I wanted to do something completely different from what you see in my book,” she reveals. “I was inspired by artists like Salvador Dali, and movie directors like Alfred Hitchcock”.

1 of Brandolini's creations at Barney's here

 here's a secret-
There is a reason I go to VOGUE IT every day.


  1. Liking it. Reminds me of my Butterfly chairs that I lived in, in L.A. without the cool decor...

  2. I enjoyed the video very much. I decided to just relax & watch the whole thing (not easy on a busy day). So glad that I did. Thanks!


  3. Almost might have to scream this is so beautiful.

  4. Clearly I need to go to VOGUE IT every day too - I always do after being inspired here - have to put it on the every day visit list. Will come back later to watch the video.

  5. I love the chair. Vogue It-you can sign up for their emails on the site. pgt



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