10 October 2011


Manhattan-based, French-born  jewelry designer James de Givenchy has created three scented candles inspired by his childhood in the Normandy countryside.

I was seduced by his Fleur d'Oranger scent. This one is inspired by his love of the color orange, used in Givenchy's home and shop in Manhattan,  The TAFFIN & Muriel Brandolini staff sent me Fleur d'Oranger in anticipation of the TAFFIN collection launch at Barneys on October 11 & the of Muriel's limited edition home furnishings pop-up shop, an event  Givenchy will be hosting. They promise that Fleur d’Oranger will be scenting the air at Barneys that evening just as it does at all times chez Brandolini—it’s her favorite!

No I won't be there for the special event-but will be in the city the following week and plan to go to Barney's and do some- One for ME, One for Them shopping.

Chez Brandolini

photograph by Pieter Estersohn

 Fleur d'Oranger  is a spicy combination of lily of the valley and orange flowers; one of my favorite flowers- lily of the valley is perfectly blended with the orange flower. I think the orange fragrances can be hard to capture, sometimes overpowering. Givenchy tamps it down just enough to be light but fully realized, adding the heady lily of the valley scent. Just as with his reputation for perfection in creating jewelry, no detail is left out in Givenchy's collection of candles. The candle is wrapped in the reddish orange hue of Bakelite, reflecting the designer's sapphire and amethyst earrings and rings, which are set in the same. The candle's presentation box-another touch- is as elegant as any box concealing one of Givenchy's precious stones.

I'm home much of the time working and one of my morning rituals is lighting my current candles of choice. As with perfumes-I do not pledge any single allegiance but let the season, the weather and my mood dictate the fragrance in the air around me.

Of  his collection Givenchy says- “Just as I strive to perfect each piece of jewelry that I make for my clients, I wanted my candles to represent the same meticulous craftsmanship and care. The concentrated combinations of essential oils, and the Bakelite containers make for richly fragrant and visually appealing candles to display, enjoy, and give." The candles previously given as special gifts to private clients will be sold exclusively at Barney's starting this month.

 A Taffin Givenchy rhodium-plated 18-karat gold, diamond, spinel and meerschaum deer brooch.

James de Givenchy for Taffin 18K rose gold, amethyst and Bakelite ear pendants

image from VOGUE.com here

What I wouldn't give for those earrings!
You too?
Alas, the jewelry- I can't do, so I recommend the next best thing from Givenchy. 

The other two scents in the collection are Bois de Lilas, a mix of lilac and rose, with a hint of honey; and Sapin, a bracing blend of evergreen, and white jasmine with oriental notes. Bois de Lilas sounds like a candle made for romantical afternoons, Sapin- a snowy winter's evening by the fire.


& Taffin has a wonderful website:

 taffin here  



  1. Making me crave great smelling candles... but for now I will settle with Bjork's new album.. and get back to the candles tonight:)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. OH I just LOVE his designs. Givenchy + orange? No brainer for me!! Gaye, if you have time when you come, perhaps we can have a coffee?!

  3. Arguably my two favorite scents!
    I NEED to get this candle!

    I just hope they were restrained enough so we can appreciate each scent and not be knocked out by them, as so many candles do.

  4. You will be in the City? I just came back from there today and I saw your midas touch for design in many of the places I visited. Have a splendid time.

  5. I like the bold design in the containers and the jewelry, but sorry, as one allergic to fragrances, the idea of any scented candles (let alone orange!) fills me with horror. The Chez Brandolini picture looks great--it is a room I would want to explore.
    --Road to Parnassus

  6. I love candles!
    I love these photos!
    Very beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing because I don't know James de Givenchy!
    Have a good evening!



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