14 October 2011

goya to goya to goya reprise

a favorite post this month has been the  goya to goya to goya posting in the sidebar at top right- on the day the current 18th Duchess of Alba was married- and for several days after- this post was viewed over 13,000 times.

 the 18th and current Duchess of Alba

Goya's Mourning Portrait of the 13th Duchess of Alba, 1797.
The Duchess's husband the Duke of Medina-Sidonia died in 1796

 The Hispanic Society of America's Main Court where the painting hangs.

Goya's The Duchess of Alba in White, 1795
María del Pilar Teresa Cayetana de Silva Álvarez de Toledo was born in 1762, married in 1776, and died in 1802 at the age of 40.  The relationship between Goya the painter &  his sitter was a close one. Goya painted several well known portraits of the Duchess during his stay at Sanlúcar de Barrameda, an Andalusian country seat of the House of Medina-Sidonia, shortly after the death of the Duke.

the current Duchess in the 1990's standing in front of Goya's The Duchess of Alba in White

 After her husband's death in 1972, the duchess married former Jesuit priest Jesus Aguirre y Ortiz de Zarate, in 1978.

pretty in pink
in celebration of  her third marriage, a Vanity Fair cover

 just married!
this month of October 2011 to Alfonso Díez Carabantes.

in flamenco pose with her groom

& the bride wore
Victorio & Lucchino

to abiding youth!

& what did the guests at the wedding feast on? see Lindaraxa for that!  here
other little augury posts about the Duchess of Alba  here



  1. It is not everyday that we can see pictures inside the elegant homes of the royalty. Very awesome interior especially the elegant furnitures, walls and chandeliers not to mention the beautiful paintings.

    Murano Chandeliers

  2. What a delightful cover - and delightful posting

  3. Oh but she's such a grotesque! More power to her, I suppose.

  4. Interesting to see the FACE that is almost identical on the 2nd and last husbands!

    As usual you bring my eyes and mind - exotic delights served fresh from La Gaye!

  5. So now we can see that she has inherited her hair, so glad she doesn't dye it, it looks fantastic white.

  6. Hey, 13,000 views! Congratulations on bringing your site/sight to so many readers!

  7. Love seeing the Goya duchesses installed in those rooms...and to the current Duchess, I say, vaya chica!

  8. Although the results of the cosmetic surgery are unfortunate, everything else about the Duchess is pretty delightful.
    __ The Dwvoted Classicist

  9. Fascinating woman indeed!
    I've been out of town without internet and have missed your posts!

  10. Interesting post, interesting woman. I see now that the hair is hereditary. I love that she puts herself out there though she was born with the baggage (or blessing) of nobility. Still think she's kinda freaky.

  11. I love her---amazing desire for life.

  12. Gaye, I have got to give her Kudos for being true to herself and her living life to the fullest. No she is not beautiful in a cosmetic way, though we can put some blame on her surgeons.

    Fabulous images and the paintings, oh my!

    Art by Karena

  13. Rising sublimely (a fun paradox?) above gossip. Nobody else does it so constantly.



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