15 October 2011

meanwhile back at parthenia


Last winter friend & blogger Stefan commissioned a special card to celebrate the marriage of friend & blogger Janet. Janet had one of the most lovely and personal weddings I have seen of late. She has published photographs of the wedding on her blog JCB. I quizzed Stefan of Architect Design on a few of the particulars of the  courtship and Janet's gentleman- & this card is the result.

I love creating this very special sort of card that can be framed or just tucked away to become a little heirloom.
my cards here & here, featured at little augury here & at the Style Saloniste here
architect design here
JCB here


  1. Beauty. What a sweet and beautiful work of art and special gift for Janet.
    AD is the perfect gentleman.
    You must be so proud of your work.

  2. I love your work. What a treasured keepsake this will be.
    I've linked to you on my latest post. I keep up with you via subscription and it is always a pleasure.


    This may be a duplicate post. Having trouble today.

  3. Oh my goodness, I hope she is having this framed as we speak. This needs to be passed down to her future generations!

  4. Truly fabulous!
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  5. How lovely...she lives here in DC. I must catch up. Thanks for this.

  6. isn't inspiration and spirit and a Good eye for detail and a delicious sense of whimsy to die for?

    love your blog, truly.

    much love, team gloria xx

  7. Just lovely! Fascinating! And creative...

  8. This is gorgeous, Gaye! If it were mine, it would have a permanent home in a gilt frame, above a mantle.

  9. As always Little A, your timing is perfect, as we celebrated our first anniversary yesterday! This card was such a lovely surprise to us, a special collaboration between you and AD. Indeed, it is tucked away (from time to time pulled out to be be admired). But, some day, when space allows, it may just find it's way into that gilt frame! It is such an honor to have one of your works of art Gaye. Thank you!

  10. The card is just lovely Gaye...a true treasure for the happy couple, you must have had so much fun creating this!
    xo J~



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