09 October 2011

Maureen Footer, NY Glamour


  MAUREEN FOOTER, friend and all round glamour girl in the NYSD- here

photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch



  1. Amazing style. And a great interview.

  2. I am bragging right now! I discovered the NYSD in a powder room in Montecito, Ca; My friends (whose powder room it was) have a house in Montecito; New York City, and East Hampton!

    I saw an article about a dry cleaner....who did delicate things. I wrote the name of the New York Observer down!

    And I subscribed! The first one came....there was an entire page......top to bottom....an entire ..page about David Patrick Columbia......

    And I recognized (it happens now and then, in life...not often) a "kindred soul" so I wrote him.. The first thing I ever did on the internet! EVER!!

    Now we are "great friends" and JH! And what a whirl of a decade plus we have had!

    My husband......the one and only thing he goes to on the internet is NYSD so he "can see what my friends are doing!" (He came from San Francisco, California; lives in Santa Barbara, California......however, he went to Choate!!! So mostly those Choate people........and of course, the San Francisco contingent......David has it all covered.........we have friends in Florida......Lordy.....David has that covered......that Florida guy...August Mayhew........Lordy!)

    David Patrick Columbia is my idea of a complete genius! Who has found a niche.......and has found joy and success in his life!
    Not to mention Jeff Hirsch! (the best photographer ever!) Is his sidekick!

    I believe no one is a better observer of New York City Life! New York City has the fund-raisers...(that fund so many amazing and worthy things). Art, ballet, feeding people, the arts; you name it.....he does it....rescue dogs, every single good thing....he brings to light.....

    He also has the most unusual and brilliant point of view in his writingI have found anywhere.

    No newspaper, magazine....nothing.....has the brilliant point of view of his essays.
    And Jeff Hirsch has the most brilliant photography to go along with!

    Happiest find I have ever found!! Think of it! In a powder room in Montecito, California!

    My first issue comes with an enormous article about David.....I had to figure out how to get on the internet!

    A whole new world opened!


  3. I love this house Ms Foote! I did not mean to do an essay about David and Jeff......I just adore your studio!

    In 1969 I lived with my husband in a l-shaped studio at 153 East 57th street.....(above Hammacher Schlemmer) I was 22 ; I came from Southern California....and I was pregnant and miserable!

    What a wonderful example you have shown how chic and lovely an L-shaped studio can be!

    This is one of the most inspiring studio apartments I have ever seen in New York!


    Penelope Bianchi

  4. By the way; You are so pretty in your lovely apartment, also! It is very becoming! And brilliant!




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