25 November 2011

black friday

When Black Friday comes
I'll stand down by the door
And catch the grey men when they
Dive from the fourteenth floor
When Black Friday comes
I'll collect everything I'm owed
And before my friends find out
I'll be on the road
When Black Friday falls you know it's got to be
Don't let it fall on me

When Black Friday comes
I'll fly down to Muswellbrook
Gonna strike all the big red words
From my little black book
Gonna do just what I please
Gonna wear no socks and shoes
With nothing to do but feed
All the kangaroos
When Black Friday comes I'll be on that hill
You know I will

When Black Friday comes
I'm gonna dig myself a hole
Gonna lay down in it 'til
I satisfy my soul
Gonna let the world pass by me
The Archbishop's gonna sanctify me
And if he don't come across
I'm gonna let it roll
When Black Friday comes
I'm gonna stake my claim
I'll guess I'll change my name 

All Songs written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. All songs ©1974 MCA Music Publishing

if you are not-Of Age to know this song,
if you are not able to sing the lyrics by Heart- or at least the opening words to the album's Dr. WU, from which the album gets its name-
Katy tried
I was halfway crucified
I was on the other side
Of no tomorrow
You walked in

And my life began again... I have nothing but sympathy for your slight lack of 70's cultural knowledge & your sad lack of musical taste.
This-one of the most memorable albums by Steely Dan, KATY LIED, c.1975.
Just 36 years ago, the album's revolutions must have been unbearable to my parents -courtesy of my older brother by 6 years, now you see where I get my taste in Music.

& today, the headlines read something like this-

Despite Struggling Economy, America Prepares To Spend Big

White House Urges Egypt’s Military to Yield Power

Gunfire erupts at NC mall as early shoppers arrive

Global Stocks Fall on Turmoil in Italy and Hungary

Black Friday Shoppers Fan Out in the Night

Heel Height Times Tweets?

Thousands Fill Tahrir Square In Cairo For Anti-Military Demonstration

20 Walmart Shoppers Injured In Pepper Spray Incident On Black Friday Eve

Christmas Tree Farmers Struggle After Historic Drought

'Occupy' Movement Targeting Chain Stores On Black Friday
So What are You doing today as the world is revolving- and on REPEAT?


  1. I'll be anywhere but in a mall...actually we are braving the highways to go visit my parents, thinking I need some Steely Dan for the cartrip! FM.....
    really love your peaches wanna shake your tree...LOVE this music! I would say this really takes me back, but I actually never stopped listening to it!

  2. Listening to "Black Friday" -on this "Black Friday" - I am happy to be at home and to ponder the home made gifts I am making. I think the entire lure of Black Friday and all this shopping as a way to boost our economy seems pretty pathetic.
    Thanks for your kind comments....we are nearly there on the renovation completion and then to move into my studio....ah!

  3. Avoiding the malls and shopping, avoiding the horrendous news on television (about Egypt, about Greece and Europe), lying down trying to rest and heal my back, feeling somewhat presicent about all the bad events that were, in salient part, triggered and aggravated by electing an American president who had no idea how to do anything except live grandly at the expense of others (first Chicago influence peddlers, now US taxpayers) and run his mouth. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. My wife and I used to work professionally with Steely Dan a long time ago when we were publicists at ABC Records in NYC. The company let them use the offices for songwriting in the evening after the close of business. They were quiet and pleasant. As I recall, they even attended an in-office birthday party for me once and ate cake. Walter once got into trouble, though, wearing sunglasses after dark crossing Central Park West. Curtis

  4. We're working on flowers for a wedding and several house parties, being sure to stay clear of the malls!

    Aahh- Steely Dan- some of their songs bring me goosebumps.... remind me of old boyfriends and fun times...

  5. Ah.. 1975...

    No big store shopping this year. Will be supporting all the small shops in my town. Hope many do the same.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Today we shopped at our local specialty food retailer, our local wine merchant, and our local small village market. That's it. The idea of waiting in line at a big box retailer to buy someting I can ill-afford (or need), much less trompling my fellow citizens to grab it first is as alien to me as the prospect of considering watching an NFL game on television. Ho-hum. Reggie

  7. Doing our bit locally is the way to go. I am in one of those melancholy moods when it seems as if the world at large is so very upside down, thus the running few days of solemn postings. Steely Dan seems to hit the right note. I did find some glee in the Heel Heights times Tweets article though.

  8. I sat in my pi's all day long...........
    Steely Dan still rules.



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