19 December 2011

little Muffie all grown up


& a close up, Muffie is holding her little terrier, Muffette
seated on the steips, Muffie's sister, Muffin

muffie the child here
from my collection



  1. Great photo. Wow. Reminds me of a white muff I had as a child that I used to wear with a red velvet coat and black patent leather shoes. Haven't thought of that in a zillion years.

  2. J & G, I did too- almost id to what you describe! did every little girl? I still have the muff. pgt

  3. I note that Muffie and Muffin both look much happier than their sans-muff comrades. I bet that sullen youth slouching next to Muffie is thinking to himself, "I wish I didn't have just these stupid pockets to keep my hands warm," but he's too macho to ask to borrow the muff.



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