19 December 2011



 A true favorite decoration of Mine- TINSEL. did you know it's made of real silver,  and was actually invented around 1610 in Germany?
Silver was pulled into wafer thin strips to create this silvery dross called tinsel. Silver was durable & though it tarnished quickly, especially with candlelight so near- still it was an essential decoration on the Christmas trees of the day.  No substitute for making tinsel was found til the mid-20th century. Real tinsel is can still be found if you're lucky.

 tinsel by Givenchy photographed by Paolo Roversi ,2007 for Vogue Italia



  1. mmmm interesting didnt know that and Lily is looking good enjoy your week

  2. I have a wonderful collection of antique tinsels. The glow is so deep and wonderful. I love this photo, tinsel spun into sartorial delight.

  3. LOVED all those "Litl A" posts related to this. 1967...Oh what a year! Thank you for fond memories.



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