02 December 2011



  1. But to keep people there without a chance is!

  2. I am sickened by this potential candidate and by many of his competitors. Yes, poverty is not a crime. I am constantly reminded that anyone can become poor (money); the quest is to remain rich in spirit (true to oneself with integrity). Thanks for raising the question. Mary

  3. I could go on quite a tirade, but you expressed this eloquently. Thank you!
    Sincerely, PB

  4. Thank you. I am disheartened and sad for the state of affairs and quality of our up coming elections. That this thought can even get to this state in our society is beyond words for me.

  5. When I moved to this country I was shocked by the lack of education of my peers, even though their parents could afford sending them to art school. Then I learned how much worse it was if you were poor. And here I thought I was moving to the land of the plenty.

    You have the right to carry a gun, but what about the right to have training and a good education, so that you can reach the so called "American Dream"? Everyone should be given a chance to succeed.



  6. Dear Little Augury,
    My comments are about an earlier run in Blog regarding splendid interiors on film. I was in a Post-Thanksgiving mood and I needed a park-your-brains evening, so I watched a favorite film: "Who is killing the Great Chefs of Europe?" The interiors were filmed in London, Paris, Venice, etc. They were the source of renewed envy. One of the outdoor shots in Venice is the same building used in "The Honey Pot." Even the physician's office is extraordinary in its scale and splendor (I'll bet they are not covered by anyone's insurance these days.)
    The food jokes are ever more funny and Robert Morley, as a overstuffed gourmand, is prophetic in his sharp disdain for cheap fast foods. May I offer this film for your consideration?
    Thank you for your thought provoking installments.

  7. I am so glad to see your support here. I wonder at such comments, really Can Not fathom that here in the US-it is tolerated and even applauded.

    David, I think I might have seen it and can not wait to track it down, thanks!!! PGT

  8. You are simply without peer!


    1. Penelope-that is so nice to hear, and to think. I'm not sure it is true-but it is here on these pages I state my truths and that is full of meaning. whether a flight of fantasy or a dose of reality-I appreciate your reading and discovering post from the past. pgt



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