02 December 2011

reading in RED


it's RED today, and the delightful HANDEYE, Woman in Red, by Julia West.

last December, Madeline Weinrib recommended the HANDEYE magazine for gifting. fortunately I have a dear friend that subscribed for me and it is a great gift.

 (photograph courtesy of Madeline Weinrib)

Read the RED, Read Madeline's picks for holiday gift giving here- some of the best ideas Still.

 Sophie's Choice (courtesy of Missy McLamb photographers)

and read about my dear friend, Sophie's mom, here. 
I am doing some Christmas decorating for a client today.

(1st image from Vogue.com, detail of Valentino, Spring 2012)



  1. Fabulous! You just reminded me that I have some amazing red lace that I bought in Manila, Philippines, years ago. I really should do something with it. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Stunning image of the red lace and red shoes.
    In your links I connected to the movie you recommended one time Dean Spanley starring Peter O Toole. I have ordered it for Christmas. Speaking of connections and a small world, just this past September I was a guest at the late Lord Dunsaney's house, his two sons reside at Dunsaney, one at Killeen Castle and the second at Dunsaney Castle.
    We had a farm in Ireland just a few miles down the road from Dunsaney Castle and as children we would see Lord Dunsaney(the author) walking the grounds.
    Thank you for the reminder

    Helen Tilston

  3. J& G, I love shopping for a bit of this or that when travelling! pgt

    Helen,Love the movie, and it is a perfect movie for lovers of Little Augury, what a great present. I may do the same! I need to follow up on Dunsaney and do some research. pgt



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