10 February 2012

What they wore: the playwright & the painter

."A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic" George Bernard Shaw

Giandomenico Tiepolo's the Promenade, & the Minuet



  1. The ones they chased..the ones who shut the doors and turned away......they were the ones who were they continued to pursue!!!

    Just muy opinion.....and my experience and observations!!


  2. :) time to smell the roses a little - have a good weekend!

  3. I adore these by Tiepolo, and these have such appeal. There is that Venetian attention to light and color, and undeniable charm. For all of their period costume which can seem outlandish today, I am pulled right into these scenes...the figures in the Promenade animated as if in conversation, the dog tucked under one arm...a similar dog in the lower left of the minuet yapping in excitement to see this cloud of material floating forward, bits of material caught by the wind like the birds above, her gaze serene, or intent, indifferent as a cloud, while the gentleman is attentive, his leg nicely turned out in movement. All such great fun to see this morning. Loved this. Warmest, xxoo

  4. The Minuet - LOVE her hat, and the little Phalene Papillon...he looks so like my boy! Just so in admiration of your eye, as good as Tiepolo - father and son.

  5. That second image is so wonderful.



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