27 March 2012

LA, Dolce Vita


 Stepping back to the 1960's-this is NO Mad Men Set-but the real Glamorous Thing. 
The Reagans had a special table there- and that's where We sat.

Stars were there-actor,  producer-studio head, fashion Ford.

In 1966 when the restaurant opened Its doors Stars were there. 
Sinatra and his Pack,
Mario Praz wrote about it-

Is Glamour gone?
No-it's out there on Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire,
if you aren't Looking for Hip.

 Yes, of course They were all there-

heading over to Dolce Vita.

& if She didn't show-
Don't tell Me.



  1. I haven't dined at La Dolce Vita but I did make it to Chasen's before they closed. I snuck out of summer school at CalArts for the evening and my Dad picked me up outside the gates. I was wearing my vintage hat with a stuffed bird on it and they showed us to the best booth! The ambiance was absolutely the same as in these photos. Amazing.
    Thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory.

    1. I love those sort of memories- The days of certain glamour are indeed over, Hats are wonderful-they always get Us noticed in the best places. PGT

  2. I was seated next to Frank Sinatra years ago at his birthday dinner.
    That was the end of an era. What a life.

  3. I wonder, who is the woman talking to Peter Lawford? I don't recognize the profile. Shiree'

    1. Shiree, that is his wife- Patricia Kennedy Lawford, this I believe was taken at the Dem Convention.

  4. Neat, neat, neat. It's always wonderful to see LA in black and white in a non-arty, real-life way. Curtis



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