23 March 2012

just dawning on Me

 this week has been a busy one, exciting and all that-and it's just dawning on Me that I spent what will be long remembered at a magical evening at Dawnridge! The place is surrounded by a Scheherazade induced haze. The Garden, the host Hutton Wilkinson, Ruth be-wreathed in a clam shell size gold encrusted collar-and what was it? Pearls-that seems likely, but could that be possible?

Hutton announced last night that he will be writing a book based in part on the last ten years of Elsie de Wolfe's life. Tony Duquette and Elsie de Wolfe planned Elsie's  Beverly Hills house After All in 1941, when Lady Mendl was forced to exit France during World War II.
I selected Elsie's rooms at the Villa Trianon as one of my Five Most Inspiring Places I've Never Been for the panel discussion at West Week mentioned in an earlier posting.

Ruth and Hutton in there new digs-that float magically into the original Dawnridge
as seen in Harper's Bazaar
Hutton José Wilkinson-Tejada, and in 2008, the king of Spain issued a letter of succession granting Wilkinson rights to the hereditary title of the 4th Count of Alastaya.

the story of After All on the Tony Duquette site here


  1. Dying to hear what your 4 other places are!!

  2. Your speaking in the panel on the wonderful questions was so brilliant! I loved hearing you; and meeting you! Seeing you at that spectacular party was a total added bonus!

    That party was total magic!

    I feel so very lucky to have been friends with Hutton And Ruth and the dogs (good grief! 4 generations of dogs!)

    You were spectacular in your panel......so sincere......so heartfelt; and so just plain brilliant!

    What a wonderful day for me......and my friends.

    Patricia!! Thank YOU!!!!!


  3. How wonderful! Any possibility you might post some of your presentation for those of us not fortunate enough to be there?

  4. This sounds like a magical evening, indeed. I am thrilled that you are being recognized for the sheer genius that you are! Reggie

  5. I would love to read more about the event and I am sure I am not the only one! Please?

  6. Glorious! Every image I have seen of the properties are so mesmerizing and magical!

    I hope you will come and see my feature on an amazing sculptor!

    Art by Karena
    Artists Series 2012

  7. I love your blog! Always the riveting subjects we want to read about.

  8. I love reading Penelope's review and I bet your magical evening with Hutton and Ruth will become one of your top F I V E evenings ever. How wonderful, Gaye!! ox



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