04 March 2012

what Dries van Noten saw


the fall collection of DRIES VAN NOTEN. The designer plundered the Victoria and Albert Museum's ASIA COLLECTIONS-& he continues to create modern clothes that are wearable and full of historical references and images.

It's a lot of Chinese, a lot of Japanese and a lot of Korean. We looked at costumes from the V&A collection. We photographed them completely flat as garments. We printed these images on fabrics and then heat cut the fabric into contemporary clothes, by placing the shape of the kimonos and the dragon curls from China all in a different way so that sometimes the seam of the coat becomes the shape of the dress. We just completely replaced all the elements. That's what we wanted to obtain - the beauty of the fabrics but on contemporary clothes.

This Japanese Fukasa from the V&A of embroidered silk and metallic flying cranes looks to be on of Dries' inspirations. The crane symbolizes longevity. This would be my "pick" from the collection.

documents from the V&A (above & below)

 Dries Van Noten images from DAZED

All of the pieces from the V&A are my own selections & are not the actual inspirations from the designer.
the V&A here
more about Dries Van Noten at WSJ here



  1. Amazingly gorgeous. Being a textile lover, I respond to the Japanese references the most, but the Chinese dragon court jacket reference is equally innovative and divine. Thank you!!! Mary

  2. I have a warm soft spot for Dries. He is a legend


  3. His guystuff is just as good. I like Dries a whole lot.

  4. One of my favorite designers: very original, very modern, very linked to what came before.

  5. Fabulous and I love your picks from the V&A archives as well. I too, would select the Crane Jacket. Just amazing.

  6. Although I had to carefully avoid looking at your cobra (bit of a phobia there), I tremendously enjoyed reading your post about Dries van Noten, whom I just love. I have just discovered your blog and I am very happy that I did. Thank you !

  7. Great inspiration, amazing execution! Dries translated historic designs into modern fashion that reflects the original spirit while looking ahead. A few designers incorporated Chinese designs for their Fall/Winter 2011 collections, interesting to see it continue. http://www.adeenidesigngroup.com/blog/2012/01/23/year-of-the-dragon/



  8. This is just sensational.All of it. I have been fascinated by textiles lately.Your post is heady, thrilling.

  9. I do love his lines and textiles- Hard to find stateside, at least internetwise. I love fashion because it is so fast moving while for Me interior design creeps along. The textiles Dries Van Noten has created are so innovative & the lines are perfect. I love the flowing floating fantasies designers are showing but they are not remotely related to my lifestyle-these Dries pieces would fit the bill for dressing UP-and I rarely DO THAT ANYMORE! pgt

  10. I have been planning to do a post on this too! So beautiful. Dries is the best.



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