19 April 2012

1 more thing,or 2 about

 I must mention the absolute delight at the many meeting of the minds  I experienced on my LA jaunt.
Here, a Listing-
& Links
to the Like Minded.

It was grand to Meet YOU.

blogger, wonderful reader & supporter of this blog & designer- Penelope Bianchi
Penelope embodies contagious joy & enthusiasm for Beauty &  Design!

 next trip I must see your Vertes collection!

blogger, designer, author Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen

Brooke's book written with Steve Giannetti, as I said to Brooke-what a smart choice to marry an architect!

blogger, dashing designer Kevin Beer, Hollywood forever Kevin

 next time we will do that tour!

Sunday is a fellow Bloomsbury & Ottoline Morrell devotee.

& from my old stomping grounds, I traveled all the way to LA to meet Carole of Form & Function-

Carole's posts about here LA West Week trip puts mine to shame. She really got around-Go See Here!

until next time.


  1. What a delightful comment!

    What a thrill to meet you!!

    Thank you!!


  2. It was a wonderful pleasure to finally meet you!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your 5/5/5!

    Thank you for including me in your post. I'm honored!


  3. How lovely to be mentioned on your blog! It was such an enlightening experience to hear the Design lecture that the the four of you gave in Los Angeles. And then to meet you afterwards and chat about the "Divine Ottoline" was truly divine!

  4. Ah, your post on the Restoration Hardware tribute was much appreciated. Insipid and safe. I've noticed here on Nantucket that even the quarter boards being screwed to the old houses reflect a kind of expressionless caution. Names like Pfleuger's Roost and Castle Band Box are vanishing-- replaced by the dull and the safe: The Boat House, The Polpis Farmhouse, etc.
    An enormous Victorian sofa, recovered in the late sixties or early seventies in a wonderful electric green textured wool stood abandoned on a sidewalk in town last week. How daring the color--how witty the juxtaposition of that 19th century stiff backed silhouette and that jazzy, and yes, dare I say, sophisticated upholstery. One could feel the aliveness, the wit of the personality who had made that choice. I heard later that one just like it in orange had already been hauled off to the dump. How sad to see it's mate there, the big house behind it gutted, awaiting the inevitable homogenization to come. Granite counter tops and miles and miles of that white ubiquitous bead board.

    1. Anne, thank you. I love your description of that Victorian sofa-I conjure up Erica Wilson's colorful canvases. Whether it would be sentiment or a great EYE for Design, I could never send my Gran Mum's beloved sofa to any dump anywhere! Yes, banish the granite for colorful formica & paint the bead board or make it stripes, colored outside the Lines. pgt

  5. Ladies! You were all so lovely and supportive to come to the panel discussion! I so appreciate it. Great to MEET YOU ALL! Gaye



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