19 April 2012

new Old Chambray

a favorite fabric- Chambray. Everywhere this year- One of my favorite designers Junya Watanabe COMME des GARCONS- has used it. 

a man's jacket, I'd love to have this one myself. gosh, the lining alone. what about wearing this one inside out?

 image from here

It's no surprise someone like Watanabe has sculpted the simple cotton into serious tailoring. I've worn lots of Chambray-one of the honest to goodness favorite frocks of my Youth was a Ralph Lauren dress-Chambray button up the front-a shirt dress really-with crochet on the cuffs and collar. It came with a white heavy cotton d-ring belt but I wore it with a saddle brown "bit" belt instead. I added an antique white linen petticoat that was my great grandmother's under it and left the buttons open on part of the dress.

 Yes-I was doing  RL Western-(it was the 80's remember?)That dress was as soft as a nightgown. It went from "daywear" and years later to "nightwear"-I did finally wear it as a nightgown.

I also had a great Ralph Lauren Chambray skirt.
So comfortable, who would want to work in it? Ralph Lauren has returned with lots of Chambray in his
Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply line is (as per RL)  it is "born out of the warehouse and artistic communities of Brooklyn."
I'll just say I'll wear it ----to be comfortable. 
So-Ralph Lauren is back with comfortable-
& Chambray.

& while this isn't quite the skirt, it is a lot like my original Ralph-and it is a check,
So there's that-and you know how I love a check.
If not the COMME des GARCONS Chambray -it's the Ralph Chambray.

Now what about a room full of Chambray slip covers for summer- or checks of any sort.



  1. I find this very stylish and chic :) I am from Morocco by the way and I loved your Kaftan posts oxox

  2. COMME des GARCONS is always fresh and innovative.
    (P.S. Hope you don't mind but The Urban Electric Company is missing a "P"...)

  3. I too, had 80s chambray that dissolved in my hands. The COMME des GARCONS jacket is sublime. A chambray shirt is a must and slipcovers... perfect!!



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