24 April 2012

finding your tribe


today I found myself wandering aimlessly around the market square antique & design center thinking-what am I doing--- wandering around in high point-
 especially looking at antiques?

answer to self-
You love antiques,
You prefer them-for the most part.
hey-they're sustainable.

but, my dear-You haven't seen it all, You haven't seen anything-at least not in High Point- not today.
You're dreaming over here.
Fan coral?
Sea sponges?
Uzbek passementerie?
Uzbek frocks?
Afghani textiles?

Well yes. Don't we all seek our own Tribe?

 on that note-Highlight of High Point today, HANDSDOWN- meeting Patricia Shackelford of Mrs. Blandings! We rendezvoused at Market Square.
 I recognized her immediately.
She is Classic, Coolly Classic, stylishly Casual.  We tete a tete-d.
Mrs. Blandings has been kind in many ways to me since I started blogging.
She is PINNING as a styleSpotter in High Point.
She what she found Here.

so off  I go-done for the day (always retrace your steps-crumbs or not-this from the tales of Hansel & Gretel you know) but today-
I didn't &
I couldn't find my car.
blessed relief came in the form of Raleigh Rickshaw, as I was despairing of sitting curbside as the day was winding down- An amazingly fit gal- for only an amazingly fit gal would be daring the traffic in High Point during Market week.
So there is this really gorgeous Southern gal from Wilson pedaling me back to where ever my car was & as with any North Carolinian I meet anywhere- We know some of the same people.
& yes she is training for some event-
No-I am not.
as my car came into view somewhere on Broad Street,
I asked her what I owed her-
She works on tips alone-
What ever it's worth to you-she twanged with a gloriously outdoorsy smile.
I replied-I could Not Afford that much-but-
 I was generous.
& dammit ,
I didn't get a photo-I've told you I'm terrible at that.

 (photograph is by Francoise Rubartelli, 1971)


  1. Oh Gaye - I didn't know you were at market!! I wish I'd known - would have loved to have seen you. And I met Patricia too - for the first time - what a treat!

    1. Oh yes, typically do it every year. hope you enjoyed your jaunt!

  2. Beautiful illustration of hospitality. Dali can be The perfect example.
    Since the trees have grown up in his house.
    "Don't we all seek our own Tribe? "

    1. Fascinating Valery! We do, and I am grateful for all my readers who are certainly a part of that tribe. pgt

  3. I am happy this was your entry on my birthday. Thank you.

  4. Yes, it is a joy to find "your tribe"; know "your tribe"; and be at one with it. Congratulations on finding your car!

  5. Wish I could have made it there - if only to share the rickshaw ride.

  6. Loved hearing about your travels, and what a fantastic photograph. yes! I want to be in that tribe!

    1. Isn't that Rubartelli wonderful? I consider you a High Priest in my tribe Philip! pgt

  7. It was so fun to meet up in person - finally! Thanks for the kind words and I hope we are in the same place at the same time soon. (I have to set my car alarm off about once a week to find my car. Not kidding.)



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