27 April 2012

the Pavilion San Rafael


Pavilion San Rafael 
watercolor by Bernd Dams & Andrew Zega

 photograph by Julius Shulman

Just one regret from my LA story- not visiting a garden pavilion, & not just any garden pavilion, but this heavenly one.
this one owned by a friend of this blog.

In the 1931 book Gardens in America, author Marion Cran called it a "temple of amour." The temple
was born in 1926 -the creation of Raymond Gould  West Coast decorator & antique dealer.

This weekend readers on the West Coast near Pasadena can step into this temple of amour at the current owner's invitation through The Garden Conservancy.  The event is always anticipated & this year six gardens will be open to benefit the Conservancy on the 29th.

Invaluable to conserving historic gardens in America, The Garden Conservancy  is dedicated to raising awareness & restoring the beauty of gardens that might otherwise be lost.

both the watercolor of  Pavilion San Rafael by Bernd Dams & Andrew Zega of ARCHITECTURALWATERCOLORS  as well as the photograph by Julius Shulman were provided by the owner.

The Garden Conservancy- more about the tour & Pavilion San Rafael  Here



  1. What a beautiful little pavilion. The watercolor is also amazing. I'd love to see more of their work. Jennifer

  2. The Garden Conservancy's Open Days program is an excellent way to see properties that are often otherwise not available to be seen by the general public. The Pavilion San Rafael looks truly remarkable!
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  3. I have my shop in Pasadena--I didn't even know that this pavilion existed. Also, the Huntingdon Gardens and Museum are nearby--and they are fantastic. Mary

  4. Penelope writes.Oh Patricia!! What a coincidence!! The lady who bought my house in Pasadena from us when we moved to Santa Barbara; bought and owns this!She is a lovely person and a friend! She dropped in to see the house we built in Montecito not long ago! I am going on the Garden Conservancy tour; and I will take a million pictures! That house I have known my whole life; as I grew up as a 3rd generation Pasadenan. The house she bought from us is very similar.....it is also a "pavilion" I have to do a blog on it. A friend of my mother's traveled to France with her architect and copied a pavilion outside of Paris. She brought back some lovely boiserie that I doubt you could take out of the country now. With divine chinoiserie overdoor panels....and beautiful mirrored doors! I must do a blog on it....I have to scan some of the pictures! I first saw it when I was 13; and told my mother; "Thank you so much for showing me this house! I am going to live here someday!!"

  5. My ideal house is a little Pavillon--and this one is an ideal example---lovely, thanks for showing us.

  6. I was unable to go on the Pasadena tour this year and I was so disappointed! It sounds like it will be one of the best with this property you have mentioned. I've been a member of the Garden Conservancy for many years and enjoy it so much. They organize wonderful study trips to places like Charlottesville, the Hamptons and the English countryside. These trips are an opportunity to see the most incredible gardens. How wonderful to be in the season of garden tours!



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