14 May 2012

seeking Sargent, always


the  likes of Misses Wertheimer, the Misses Vickers, the Misses Hunter, the Misses Acheson, the Misses Wyndam or the countless Misses Sargent painted.

Brit Marling & Lily Collins wearing Valentino at the recent Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala striking Sargent's poses.
Two starlets.
Spontaneous, portraying the elegance that Sargent so romantically captured on canvas?
We like to think so.
Always seeking Sargent.

see Sargent's Portraits at It's About Time here




  1. I'm with you, Patricia. Had to be spontaneous! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    It is you who spotted the "Sergeant"

    until I am overruled and corrected! Gorgeous.....and what an eye YOU have!!!!!!

  2. Brit + Lily are delightful and charming and there is always so much beauty to discover on It's About Time. Sargent 'lieu of seed catalogues'... how perfect.

  3. Vey pure and etheral...the antidote to Madame X

  4. Oh yes, very much like the portraits he painted. Love that your see it that way and bring that to us to consider...I am reminded of Winterhalter as well. I am trying to think what would be the best word to describe this...demure only gets it part right, because there is nothing reserved or retiring in the luxurious material. There is an allure. And these two do stand out, there yet there is nothing coy...it is the antonym of vulgarity. The pair seem incandescent.
    Love your posts. xxoo

  5. I would have never guessed that these gowns were Valention.
    These young ladies look lovely.

  6. Yes, indeed, there is something universal about the women and their poses in Sargent's portraits. What a good eye you have to spot the similarities. A lovely comparison and wouldn't those girls love to know you are comparing them to a Sargent portrait!



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