16 May 2012

that's LIFE

 I continue to See what LIFE has to offer.

MAY covers that struck Me date from 1939 to 1952.
All feature Women. Timeless, Classic.
What a way to LIVE.


  1. ooh whut utterly fabulous photos!!

  2. Such great covers. And yes, women, timeless, and classic. Thanks for showing us these great vintage photos!

  3. HOW ABSOLUTELY right you are! and there were women who lived that way! Early on! My Mommy ib the early twenties joined her married friends to move to the territory of Hawaii! She talked the President of the University in to trading her advertising in "the States" for free tuition..........(she was not a citizen of the Territory!)

    the President of the University said "yes"!!
    The she went to the Philllipines; built a mixture golf course,,,,,(they were all the rage in the "States"; sold that and moved to Shanghai........where she LOVED!

    There have always been women adventuresses! My mother did this in the late twenties........Shanghaim she said was like Paris!! Full of chic and sophisticated people from all over the world!


  4. THERE HAVE always been fabulous and powerful and confident women. They are just in the minority. You just WATTCH!!!

    Penelope Bianchi

  5. Makes we wonder why we all try too hard when it can be so easy...these women are just "being", not trying to make a statement or prove anything...gorgeous.

  6. Timeless, Classic and totally Fabulous... They had a certain way about them... xv

  7. Love these covers. I have dozens stored in my garage and pray they stay dry. Alas storage in the warm, dry house is limited. Shiree'



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