27 June 2012

Daphne 101


Christie's is selling off 100 pieces of Daphne Guinness's frocks today- after looking at them online, I'm struck by the fact that many of them could be worn by any-one.
Of course according to notes, Guinness's tiny stature lends itself best to the fashionistas of Japan and China, but-the styling of many of her pieces any-one of Us could wear.
For the most part, the collection is steeped in the most Classic of designs.The garments -simply presented in the Christie's catalogue- edit for Us- relieve Us from the wearer.

Looking through the catalog-viewed online- it is easy to conjure, Josephine Bonaparte in dampened gowns of the Empire,

Josephine by Prud'hon.

Jackie Kennedy -just add a pillbox

La Windsor-with her severe silhouette.

 DIOR at l. Daphne Guinness's Purple, at r. Wallis Windsor's Purple Dior

It is only when Guinness herself slides into each piece-embodies IT- if you will-does it take on the Wild, the Exotic, the Ethereal.
If ever there was ever a doubt that Guinness is Living ART- this Sale-if you care to look- convinces.

Guinness channeling the powerful-charismatic, Admiral Viscount Lord Nelson

Proceeds from the auction will go to The Isabella Blow Foundation.



  1. Did you see what the McQueen ensembles sold for....those magnificent Angel shoes!

    The Girl Who LIVED IN A TREE!

  2. Yes, I was following along. It was very exciting-if I was not bidding. pgt

  3. Gaye, You can always be counted on for interesting cultural, fashion, and design tidbits. I look to you and Style Saloniste for my "education" ha ha. Interesting post. Hope your weekend is pleasant. Shiree'

  4. PS...but my deep dark secret is that I never cared for Jackie's style. There. I said it. Shiree'

  5. And be warned that she plans to portray Jean Seeberg in a movie biography.



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