27 June 2012


HHH  house model photograph by John Rawlings-

Together, Spaces make a pattern. It is the pattern of a person's interests, feelings,activities. It is as though those interests, feelings,activities had expressed themselves on some now forgotten occasion, leaving tracks-and this building has grown up around those tracks. With its form the building satisfies the user's wants-conscious and unconscious. It anticipates, it invites, it implements those wants. So, whatever the indweller now does- he does effortlessly, harmoniously, pleasurably. Accomplishing this calls for great art,- doing what great art does in music, in literature, in mathematics, in painting, in sculpture: creating a great unity. Doing this is what makes architecture worthwhile.-HARWELL HAMILTON HARRIS, 1977.

the Harwell Harris House in Raleigh was named to the National Register of Historic places in late 2010.


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